AIMS 2018

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The AIMS Games is an International Sporting Event held in September (Sunday 9 September to Friday 14 September), in Tauranga, that brings the best Intermediate aged athletes together to compete against each other across a variety of sporting codes. 

To see general and code specific information regarding the AIMS Tournament, please click on the following link

Our NX Football Boys Team are current NZ Champions having won the tournament last year. 


Northcross attends AIMS with the aspiration to win the sporting codes we are competing in. All students who have been selected/provisionally selected as part of an AIMS team have done exceptionally well to achieve this elite level, especially considering the depth and calibre of the talent we have in our school.

As always, we have gone through a very thorough selection process to determine our AIMS teams and as per our Sports Selection Policy, no correspondence regarding team selection will be entered into. If you wish to view it, please refer to our school website.  

**Please note: many teams have provisional selections in place - these athletes will be notified of whether they have been selected or not selected for the team by the end of Week 10, Term 2.


Riley Spencer

Graison Latoalevi-Nosa

Max Allnutt

Harry Wu

Matt Lindsay

Dan Lindsay

Joshua Lee

Bartosz Jackowski

Troy Supple

The following Players are Provisional: 

Noah Josephs

Mwilwa Chituta

Anton Seuseu

Tai Rhodes


Draun Forbes

Brennah Latoalevi-Nosa

Piripono Kayes

Zaara Sain

Paige Drake

Maiah Hosking

Jaz Zanders

The following Players are Provisional:

Paige Jackson

Dylan Ford

Phoenix Viliamu-Steele

Georgia Knight

Ruby Cooper

Mackenzie Rogers  


Phoenix Van Den Berg

Will Xiong

Porter Eddy

Henry Buxton

Jesse Baird

Taiga Kato

Isaac Lovering

Finn Mckenlay

Codey Phoenix

Nick Gaze

Harry Crawford

Orlando Thorpe

Carlos Takayama

Luke Usher

(No Provisional Players)


 Paige Little

Fleur Atchison

Ruby O’Sullivan

Kenzie Longmuir

Sophie-Rose Moratti

Catherine Smith

Sophie Thompson

Skye Ivatt

Kayla Hurcum

Kiera Knott

Maddy Bailey

 The following Players are Provisional:

Kaitlyn Bourhill

Laura-Lee Short

Ngaawai Simpkins

Shelby Kraatskow


Finn Shimwell

Jack Young

Connor de Gier

Dylan Black

Tom Malone

Lucas Rowe

Jack Power

Thomas Gera

Dylan Gardner

(No Provisional Players)


Lachie Cruickshank

Luke Drake

Isaac Hallam

Carter Jones

Connor Lithgow

Ben Logan

Benjamin Prendergast

Taygan Richter

Keown Scheepers

Cameron Schmidt

Max Henshaw

Sumit Swaraj

Adam Underwood

(No Provisional Players)


Julia Benkovic

Holly Chivers

Anna Greenhalgh

Danielle Hilton

Makenna Jones

Victoria Lane

Lilly Lewis

Cara Mcleod

Amy Paterson

Abby Rutherford

Kate Thornhill

Talia Van Rooyen

Lisa Zhou

(No Provisional Players)


Ainsley Stace 

Alazaye Woodhouse

Emma du Preez

Jonelle Little 

Grace Haslam

Jayah Lee 

Kasey Mcdowall

Lily Heard

Madisyn Yee-Joy

May Xiong

Nadja Kumerich

Roxanne Lockhart 

(No Provisional Players)


 Alistar Rogers

Erika Patterson

Georgia Preston

Jacob Lyndon

Jayden Ingram

Jett Curteis

Kate McIntosh

Kenzie McKay

Rose Meban

The following Players are Provisional:

Jack Roberts

Maddy Short

Alec Meban

Albert Boy


The following Players are Provisional:

Jamal Neru

Anton Seuseu

Javahn Manu

Feki Tupou

Ryan Fleming

Sam van der Ent

Ashton Falloon

Tairell Henare

Sam Howarth

Marco Sumner

Zac Cochrane

Tai  Rhodes

Reimana Saunderson-Rurawhe

Jay Dunne

Luke Matson

Roman Matson


Ryan Jefferson

Kyla Mountfort

Eva Campbell

Gaby Cirosanchez

Anna Gorbey

Jessica Thompson

Katja Streibel

Kayli Lange

Charlie Goodhue

Lauren Agar

Lucy Carr

Nataliya Handrick-Adolph


Maycee Rivers

Caitlin Price

Oliver Mortimer

Luna Schmitt

Danielle Ogden

Brooklyn Bradshaw




The following list are  all Provisional:

Lucy Griffiths

Hannah Breckenridge 

Hajoo Choi 

Angel Lane 

Shyla Webster 

Reese Mayer 

Skye Rolleston

Amelia Stace 

Isla Smith

Ava Gallagher

Summer Dewes

Ella Price 

Bernice Wannenburg

Skye Ivatt 

Leah Richmond 


Information regarding the Northcross AIMS trip for those selected in team codes will be posted here throughout Term 2 and 3.


The following students have been entered into the AIMS Games in their specific Individual Sporting Code:

Joel Thorburn Room 48
Zoe Ellis Room 44
AIMS - Cross Country  
Max Allnutt Room 60
Daniel Blundell Room 56
Holly Beaumont Room 21
Kate Borton Room 55
Isaac Kirkpatrick Room 55
Roman Matson Room 60
Peter Morley Room 40
Fraser MacIver Room 47
Alia Cauty Room 54
Blake Pybus Room 35
Aimee Morgan Room 31
AIMS - Golf  
Jesse SOARES Room 45
AIMS - Gymnastics  
Caitlin Price Room 52
Ella Price Room 21
Katelyn Ware Ware Room 43
Alice Dibble Room 55
Danielle Ogden Room 52
Emily Munt Room 42
Zoe Davis Room 20
Madison Mills Room 34
Talia Mills Room 34
Daniel Teirney Room 02
Blaze Latoa-Levi Room 10
Maycee Rivers Room 52
Toby Blows Room 33
Tai Rhodes Room 55
Ryan Jefferson Room 01
Brooklyn Bradshaw Room 32
Yeonjee Choi Room 52
Yeonsun Choi Room 52
Amber Iisley Room 31
Luna Schmitt Room 52
Anna Gorbey Room 52
Michael Read-Percival Room 52
Jessica Thompson Room 52
Katja Streibel Room 52
Olive Mortimer Room 52
Kirsten Greenough Room 02
Riley Cooper Room 52
Bernice Wannenburg Room 59
Daniel Stanger Room 52
Myah Findlater Room 46
Skye Rolleston Room 52
Amelia Stace Room 52
AIMS - Multisport  
Callum HARRISON Room 53
Haydn Butler Room 47
Logan March Room 41
Louie Leatherland Room 53
Dylan Leatherland Room 47
AIMS - Rock Climbing  
Zoe Dawson Room 06
AIMS - Squash  
Tom Bodger Room 09
Anna Jowsey Room 35
Beau Aspinall Room 33
Lucy Aspinall Room 35
AIMS - Swimming  
Sapphire Morgan Room 40
Erika Paterson Room 60
Eileena Bao Room 55
Nino Schiltknecht Room 09
Mackenzie Rogers Room 47
Benson Li Room 34
MiaSadler Room 33
Chloe Swift Room 56
Jett Curteis Room 31
AIMS - Table Tennis  
Jalen Sievers Room 34
Ollie Close Room 48
AIMS - Tennis  
Stacie Choe Room 41
Muhan Cui Room 03
Kareem Samy Room 54
Marwan Samy Room 55
AIMS - Yachting  
Tate Kelly Room 10


**Please note that if your child is successful in their application it is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to arrange all transport/supervision/accommodation, etc for their child for the duration of the event (with the exception of official registration).


NX Upcoming Events

Wed June 20
Rosedale Park 9.30am -2pm
Wed June 20
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In the PAC
Thu June 21
North Harbour Table Tennis, Akoranga Drive
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