Thanks to all the lads who have represented Northcross at the North Harbour Football tournaments, we are so fortunate to have so many keen and skilled footballers to choose from. We are now in the process of choosing our players for the AIMS squad. From our observations at trials, training sessions and the tournament games we have selected 18-20 players to trial for the team to compete at AIMS in September.  Their will be morning training's along with friendly games as we seek to form the team to represent Northcross. We hope to name the 14 players before 24 June.

As always, we go through a very thorough selection process in the selection of players for teams. As per our Sports Selection Policy, no correspondence regarding team selection will be entered into. If you wish to view it, please refer to our school website.


Jesse Baird
Dylan Black
Henry Buxton
Harry Crawford
Porter Eddy
Dylan Gardner
Nick Gaze
Taiga Kato
Ashton Lathwood
Isaac Lovering
Finn Mckenlay
Codey Phoenix
Jack Power
Carlos Takayama
Orlando Thorpe
Luke Usher
Keanu Van de Ven
Phoenix Van Den
Will Xiong



We currently are the New Zealand Aims Boys Football Champions for 2 years running. 


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Wed June 20
Rosedale Park 9.30am -2pm
Wed June 20
6:30pm - 7:30pm
In the PAC
Thu June 21
North Harbour Table Tennis, Akoranga Drive
Sun June 24

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