Yearly Fees For International Students

Annual Tuition Fee: $13335.00 (Incl GST and Ministry of Education Levy)

 Per Year

  • $ 12,335.00 Tuition Fee
  • $   1,500.00 Administration Fee (3 - 4 terms or part thereof)

Uniform (compulsory) - excludes shoes

Per Term (or part thereof)

  • $ 3085.00 Tuition Fee
  • $ 500.00 Administration Fee (1 term or part thereof)
  • $ 800.00 Administration Fee ( 2 terms or part thereof)

Uniform (compulsory)

Individual enrolments (no groups) under 1 full term are accepted on a case by case basis only. Spaces are strictly limited. Please contact Sharon Hines directly to determine if spaces are available. sharonh(at)northcross.school.nz


  • Technicraft/specialist Fees and materials for the term of enrolment
  • Stationery (includes everything for the term of enrolment)
  • Sport (initial registration fees are non refundable)
  • School trips: excluding Yr 8 camp and Yr 7 High 5 Challenge (EOTC) - Term 1 only
  • ESOL classes where needed (in school)
  • Additional twice weekly After school ESOL class 

Additional Costs

  • The above fees DO NOT include:
  • Uniform & shoes
  • Student Visa (where applicable)
  • Student Insurance (compulsory - quotes available)
  • Pocket Money
  • Homestay
  • Registration (only) Fees for School Sports
  • Year 8 school camp ( approximate cost $325.00) - Term 1 only
  • Year 7 High 5 Challenge (EOTC) approximate cost $120.00 - Term 1 only
  • Trips outside of Auckland
  • Private Music Tuition
  • After School Languages & After School Clubs
  • Cheerleading - full payment required
  • Entry into ICAS Examinations
  • School Photos
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Airport Transfers

Homestay & Designated Caregiver Fees

Homestay: $340.00/per week plus a $300 placement fee.  Designated Caregiver Fee of $150.00 will also apply.

Please note: ALL bank fees are the responsibility of the payee.  A receipt cannot be issued until the balance of the invoice is paid.  To avoid fees we recommend using Flywire. 


Flywire is a safe and convenient way to make international payments. Depending on your location, payment options.  These include local bank transfer (telegraphic transfer), credit card, e-payments, e-wallets, and more. Receive email/SMS, text alerts updating you on the status of your payment, or track the progress of your payment online or in Flywire’s app. 

NEW/ENROLLING STUDENTS: log into Enroller to view the Offer and Invoice summary before selecting ‘Flywire’ as your
payment option and clicking ‘Pay now’

CONTINUING STUDENTS PAYMENTS: go to northcross-school.flywire.com. Enter your payment amount and country
of origin. Then select your payment method.

Flywire for English speakers

Flywire for Chinese speakers

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