Living with a parent

Please ensure we have all of your contact details on file.  You must have a guardianship visa if staying for over 3 calendar months and you must continue to live with your child during the course of their study.  For more information on accompanying your child to New Zealand please visit NZ Immigration website:

Living with a Designated Caregiver

The parent of an international student can also nominate a close family friend or relative to take care of their child during their study in New Zealand.  This is the person that the student will live with during their time at Northcross and will have the overall responsibility of the students' day-to-day care.   A parent will need to complete a Designated Caregiver Agreement that will need to be signed by both parties (parent and Designated Caregiver).  Please note that a Designated Caregiver is NOT a Legal Guardian.  The parent remains the legal guardian regardless of where the parent is living unless the child has been legally adopted in their home country.  Expectations of Designated Caregiver

Homestay Accommodation

Homestay families are chosen carefully and monitored by the school.  Police Vetting and home visits are carried out on all Host Families and Designated Caregivers.  Majority of host families have their own child/children attending the school.  Homestay Accommodation Agreement

 Living in Auckland

Please refer to our Pre-Departure Booklet and visit Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland for more information on living and studying in Auckland.