7 Great Reasons to Choose Northcross Intermediate for your Child


A maximum 5% of our student population is made up of International Students. This means your child will be surrounded by English-speaking students which, inturn speeds your child's own language learning. Being exclusive means we can provide personalised support to each and every student which is particularly helpful when students are settling in.


While most students choose to study for a full academic year (February-December), options exist for 1, 2 and 3 term enrolments. You get to choose the length of time that suits you and your child best. Students will be able to participate fully in school life regardless of how long they stay.

Academic Excellence & ESOL Programme

The OECD 2013 Better Life Index, rates New Zealand as a “top performing country” for the quality of its education system. Northcross Intermediate School strives to help every student achieve their own academic excellence. We offer a wide range of learning environments to enable the best outcome for each and every student. Students excelling in mathematics and or literacy have access to extension classes enabling them to be continually challenged. Our Future Problem Solving Programme has won major recognition worldwide as a result of our FPS students winning top awards in the USA. For students needing extra language support we have an excellent in-school ESOL programme and for our International Students we offer additional after school English language support free of charge.  Northcross Intermediate National Standards Results in reading, writing and mathematics

Caring Homestay Families

NZ homestay families are very open, caring and accommodating. All families are police vetted and we have a dedicated Homestay Coordinator who regularly checks on the quality of the care provided. We believe this is a critical part of your child having a positive experience in NZ and we continually look for ways to enhance this aspect of their stay.

Outstanding Pastoral Care and Parent Feedback

Making friends is an essential part of any child's well-being so as well as providing wonderful homestay families we understand the need for friendship and peer support within the classroom and the school. We encourage the student’s friendships to form naturally but understand that language and cultural barriers can make this difficult at first. For this reason, we also have a formal 'buddy' system and 'Peer Support' students who can assist the new student until they have found their own social group within the school.The majority of our staff are also parents so understand the importance of friendships. We also offer regular feedback to parents both in NZ and those off-shore. We encourage parents to support their child's learning & independence.

Free Compilation of School Work

This is an experience that will last a lifetime. While the memories will last a lifetime we also provide every student studying for 1 full term or longer with a USB memory stick that contains the majority of their school reports and attendance records in digital format as well as any photographs that may have been taken during their time at Northcross. Many students have found this invaluable when they return home as it confirms the quality of the education provided.

Outstanding Value for Money

We truly believe we offer a5 star experience for a3 star price! Your child is nurtured and cared for by a school community that knows the importance of word of mouth testimonies. Our continued success at hosting International Students is a reflection on just how well we do this!

For a FREE information kit; Please contact Sharon Hines

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Phone +64 9 477 0167 / DDI +64 9 477 0342