Northcross Intermediate’s Inquiring Learning Creating Class (ILC²)


“We Inquire, and from our Inquiring we learn, from our Learning we Create.”

What is the ILC²?  A two-class learning environment comprising approximately thirty Year 7 students and thirty Year 8 students.  The learning programme is designed as a two-year curriculum.

ILC² students have the same school-wide cultural and sporting opportunities as every other Northcross student.  They enjoy the same Specialists Technology and Arts lessons.  Also, the same amount of P.E. is included in the weekly programme as standard Northcross classes, as is the opportunity to participate in sporting competitions (e.g. AIMS games), and school-wide extension programmes.  

What is different about learning in the ILC²?  The ILC² offers a faster-moving, higher-pitched two-year, divergent learning programme.  In addition to the Year 7 Outdoor Education Week and Year 8 Camp, there is an added, extended component of Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC), which may include occasional weeks away from the school campus, sometimes out of Auckland.  These extra EOTC experiences have added costs.

Learning experiences are designed to offer new perspectives on the world, with opportunities to explore novel ideas and processes. There is a strong emphasis on always consciously striving to achieve the ‘next step’ – to always strive for excellence.   

The programme allows students a measure of choice, and the opportunity to work with like-minded peers.

How do students get into the ILC²?  At the time of enrolment, parents and students recommend themselves and all students who wish to be considered will be considered for the Assessment Activities Day for a place in the ILC².  All students who wish to be considered are invited to an Assessment Activities Day, usually held early in Term 4.  Once selected for the ILC², students remain in the class for their two years at Northcross.

What kind of learner is suitable for this environment?

We recommend this learning environment for your child if he/she

This learning environment will not suit your child if he/she


  • Enjoys a high level of challenge. Shows strong curiosity and interest in a wide variety of topics, ideas and activities.
  • Has a questioning frame of mind, can generate original ideas & solutions and/or see unusual relationships.
  • Divergent thinker, i.e. “Don’t think outside the box – think like there is no box.”
  • Can sustain effort and focus.
  • Has a love of learning along with a willingness to extend themselves, always aiming for their own next step.
  • Enjoys working with others, stepping outside their comfort zone, always challenging themselves to do better.
  • Is self-motivated, getting intrinsic personal satisfaction from their own developing skills and knowledge.
  • Finds high levels of challenge and expectation stressful.
  • Has a limited curiosity and interests, and avoids stepping outside their comfort zone.
  • Finds self-management of learning and behaviour difficult.
  • Needs a lot of external praise and attention.
  • Finds always having another goal to strive towards frustrating and stressful.
  • Is strongly motivated by placing highly in comparison with others, especially within the class.
  • Finds sustained self-driven application or concentration difficult.
  • Would find it difficult to learn in a flexibly structured environment.


If you have any questions about this information, or about your child’s suitability, please do not hesitate to ask.