NX 3K Challenge


Well done to all those who took part in the NX 3K Challenge this last week, it was so awesome to see all the entries come in!

As a school we walked or ran just over 3000km's - that's AMAZING!

The results were so close! There was lots of checking and double checking of entries to make sure it was all accurate. So great to see that competitive spirit is alive at NX even when we aren't physically there!

Here's the PRIZES:

Top House = A Mufti Day; Every House will receive House Points - the amount will depend on where each House finished. 

Top Class = A Bronze Badge for all those who took part in the Challenge; 

And there will be extra badge handed out to all those who completed all 3 runs!

**Top House Results were calculated by adding up all the Class totals and then dividing by the number of Classes in the House, providing us with an average - this was done as some Houses have 5 classes and some have 6. 

Top Class Y7       Top House AVG.
1st 16  (46 Runs)   1st MATAI 32.6
2nd = 55  (44 Runs)   2nd RATA 27
2nd = 17  (44 Runs)   3rd NIKAU 26.8
    4th PURIRI 26.3
      5th KAURI 24
Top Class Y8     6th RIMU 17.2
1st 53  (55 Runs)   7th KOWHAI 17
2nd 54  (53 Runs)   8th TOTARA 16.8
3rd 15  (44 Runs)        
4th 31  (43 Runs)        

Badges and House Points will be handed out when school is back to normal.

Well done everyone for participating in this Challenge! Special thanks to Mrs McMenamin for bringing this Challenge to my attention - was a great idea!

Keep active NX!


Do the NX 3K Challenge – Run or Walk 3 x 3k’s over One WeekPicture run1.jpg

It's a NX Class vs Class / House vs House Competition - where every 3K run or walk counts as one point towards your Class and House total. Prizes, Mufti Days House Points and/or Badges are up for grabs for top Class (one for Y7 and one for Y8) and top House overall.

So here's the Rundown - Run or Walk 3km, at 3 different times, in your neighbourhood between Wednesday 29 April – Tuesday 5 May to contribute to your class points total. 

To make sure your run/walk counts, you will need to fill out this form: https://forms.gle/gw5tsX8VgDPQxQgU7  Each time you submit a 3km run or walk on this form, you’ll earn one competition point for your class (maximum of three entries per student). Teacher's count too!

Note: You will need to upload proof of your run/walk with each entry e.g. a screenshot from an app that's been loaded on your phone such as Strava (this is a free app), Map My Run, Apple Workout, Nike Run Club, etc. Make sure the photo includes the day and the distance covered. If you don't have access to an app, find another way to prove that you did it and upload that evidence. If you are unsure of what would count as evidence, send Miss Hale an email - shannonh(at)nxschool.kiwi and ask.

The leader boards will be updated regularly on our NX Sport Facebook page and the final placings will be announced on Wednesday 6 May 2020.

Please read these Rules carefully!

  • All running/walking must be done with someone in your household (e.g. a parent/caregiver or sibling). 

  • Please run/walk on a safe pathway where you will avoid traffic and always give way to any traffic and other pedestrians (allowing 2 metre gaps).

  • Start and finish your run/walk as close to home as possible - all of your activity should begin and end from your own home.

  • Entries must be running or walking only – no scooters, no bikes, no roller blades, etc. 

  • Times must be recorded and submitted between 29 April – 5 May 2020. Each entry must be recorded on a different day e.g. if you run 6km in one day, this will only count as one participation point for your class.

  • A maximum of 3 entries per student will count towards their class total points.

  • Each entry must include a screenshot of the distance covered, which must be 3km or more. Entries without evidence attached will not be counted.Picture run.jpg

Good Luck Everyone - looking forward to seeing who will take out the titles of Top Class and Top House! So get moving and submit your entries! 


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