Returning International Student sends thanks and Merry Christmas from China

This year was the most amazing year I ever had in my life.  I learnt extremely valuable things I would never forget”
“I think I really enjoyed my time here at Northcross Intermediate.  I enjoyed the sports I can try and the Cultural afternoon activities”

“I improved my English skills here by making new friends & experiencing new teachers”

“You need to work hard and if you don’t understand something just ask the teachers, they are very kind”

“Come to Northcross and during fun times learn about New Zealand’s culture”

“I made lots of friends at Northcross and then went with them to Rangitoto College”

“I stayed with the same homestay when I went to Long Bay College and I lots of friends were there too”

“I don’t know what my life is going to be like without your help.  Me and my parents are thankful for your help and giving us opportunity to live and study better in New Zealand”

New Zealand Better Sweet Good Bye