Bus Services

Route Information

Northcross Intermediate offers several bus routes for student transport. For the latest updates and changes to these routes, we encourage regular visits to this page.

Busses that service Northcross Intermediate are run by Ritchies and Bayes busses. All bus services arrive at and depart from the bus bay at the school’s front entrance on Sartors Avenue.

If you have any questions regarding the bus services, please contact the school office – Phone: 477 0167, or click here to email

There is a AT app which can be downloaded onto your phone which shows relevant bus routes and information.

Ritchies Bus Routes    Bayes Bus Routes

Purchasing a Bus Ticket

Bayes Coachline routes

These routes use the AT HOP card. The easiest way to top up is online.

Top-up online  Purchase an AT HOP card online   Where to buy or top up AT HOP cards in person


MOE 10 trip bus tickets for local Ritchies routes can be purchased from the school office. They are currently $28 including GST. This is in line with annual increase per Transport Price Index from Waka Kotahi.

Waimauku to Albany, Northcross and Long Bay
Single cash fares are NOT accepted on this service. Students must purchase a ten trip ticket from the bus driver or at a depot. Drivers accept cash and eft-pos.

Safety & Behaviour Expectations

Please visit our Student Behaviour & Expectations page for details.

Route Updates

Bus Route #29

In the morning, Route 29 will no longer travel from HBC Station to Northcross Intermediate or Rangitoto College.

Routes 25, 26, 27, and 29 serve students travelling to Long Bay College, Northcross, and Rangitoto from various points around the Hibiscus Coast, converging at HBC Station for transfers to their respective school buses. Students who would typically catch Route 29 from HBC Station (or along East Coast Road) will now need to take Route 25 (Rangitoto College) or Route 26 (Northcross). All buses will wait on Painton Road outside HBC Station (Stop E) until passengers have transferred to their respective buses, and drivers will be available to guide students to the appropriate bus. Additionally, a supervisor will be available at the station tomorrow morning to provide assistance.

This adjustment will be trialled starting Friday 9 February with close monitoring of passenger numbers across all routes. If no issues arise, this arrangement will remain in effect for approximately one month until passenger volumes stabilise. Should it prove to be beneficial, Auckland Transport may consider making this change permanent.

Please note that this change applies solely to morning services and will commence Friday, 9 February.

Additionally, the driver will make an announcement on the bus this afternoon.

Bus Route 24 Northcross Intermediate via Long Bay to Silverdale

#24 For Northcross students this route ends at Long Bay College.

Students need to either catch #26 or #76 for Silverdale.

School Bus Transfer Changes

# 25 Hatfields Beach to Rangitoto College

# 26 Gulf Harbour to Long Bay College, Northcross Intermediate and Rangitoto College

# 27 Stanmore Bay to Long Bay College

The new transfer place for these services is now at Painton Rd old stops and not at Memorial Park.

Please note

The S029 currently takes students between Silverdale and Northcross School via the East Coast Road in the morning and afternoon.

The S029 will start/finish in Red Beach. This means students travelling to/from Red Beach will have another option for getting to/from Northcross school (in addition to the S026 which is not changing). The S029 will depart from 91 Beach Rd at 7.36am, and will get to Northcross school at 8.15am.

The (Morning) S029 will no longer use the bus stop at 6 Hibiscus Coast Hwy; it will use the new Hibiscus Coast Station (across the road from 6 Hibiscus Coast Hwy) which is Stop B at Hibiscus Coast Station (4782) instead.

Route 24, which departs Northcross to Long Bay College but goes via Glamorgan Drive instead of Route 28, the double decker that goes to Long Bay via Browns Bay.

From Long Bay Route 28 will now be non-stop to Silverdale so if any of your students want to get off along East Coast Rd make sure they get on Route 24 instead of the double decker.

If anyone misses these they’ll also still have Route 29 that goes to Rangitoto and then to Silverdale, stopping along EC Road that leaves school 5 minutes later.

Upcoming Events

From NX Beacon

Public transport fares are changing for under 25’s

From Wednesday 01 May 2024.

Free travel for 5 to 12 year olds and half-price travel for 13 to 24 year olds on AT bus, train and ferry services will end on 30 April 2024, in line with the government’s decision to withdraw funding for these concessions.

This means that from Wednesday 1 May:

5 to 12 year olds will no longer travel for free on weekdays and will instead pay a child concession (at least 40% off adult fares). They will continue to travel for free on weekends. The child concession will apply to anyone aged 5 to 15, who has a registered AT HOP card with their correct date of birth.

13 to 15 year olds will stop receiving the half-price child fares discount and instead switch to paying full child fares (at least 40% off an adult fare during weekdays, and free travel on weekends) from 1 May. The child concession will apply to anyone aged 5 to 15, who has a registered AT HOP card with their correct date of birth.

16 to 19 year olds with a secondary student concession will stop receiving the half-price secondary fares discount and instead switch to paying full secondary fares (at least 40% off an adult fare). Students aged 16-19 should apply for the secondary student concession to ensure they are paying the cheapest fare possible.

More information about the discounts and what you may need to do next can be found at AT.govt.nz/farechanges