Tuition & Administration Fees

Per Year

Our Annual Fee for Foreign fee-paying students is set at $15,500.00 (Inc. GST & MOE Levy). See breakdown below.

Per Term

If spaces are available students wising to study for one term only will pay $4.500.00 for the term plus an administration fee depending on the length of stay. See breakdown below.

Length of stayTotal costBreakdown
1 term (or part thereof)$5,000.00

Tuition: $4,500.00

Administration: $500.00

2 terms (or part thereof)$7,800.00

Tuition: $7,000.00

Administration: $800.00

3 terms (or part thereof)$12,000.00

Tuition: $10,500.00

Administration: $1,500.00

1 Year / 4 terms (or part thereof)$15,500.00

Tuition: $14,000.00

Administration: $1,500.00


Tuition Fees include:

  • Technicraft/specialist fees & materials
  • Stationery
  • School trips within Auckland
  • ESOL classes where needed in school
  • Additional twice weekly ESOL classes after school

Additional Costs

Tuition Fees DO NOT include:

  • Compulsory school uniform (approx. $250.00-$350.00, excludes shoes)
  • Computers & electronic devices (students need to bring their own device)
  • School trips out of Auckland
  • Year 7 Challenger Series, Term 1 (approx. $150.00)
  • Year 8 Camp, Term 1 (approx. $380.00)
  • School sport (one-off non-refundable $50.00 registration fee)
  • Cheerleading (full payment required)
  • Equestrian (full payment required)
  • Private music tuition
  • After-school languages
  • School photos & fundraising activities
  • Student insurance (compulsory, quotes available)
  • Student visa (where applicable)
  • Homestay
  • Bank transfer fees
  • Airport transfers
  • Pocket money

Accommodation Fees

Designated Caregiver Option

Accommodation Support Fee: $200.00
Subject to completion of Designated Caregiver Agreement, Police Vetting & home visit.

Homestay/Residential Caregiver Option

Accommodation Support/Placement Fee: $350.00 

Homestay Fee: $370.00 per week (will increase to $400 a week as of 1st January 2025)

Special Dietary Requirements Fee: Up to $50.00 per week (if applicable)
This is to cover the additional costs for vegen, gluten free etc. meals.

Homestay Change Fee: $150.00 (if applicable)
If the student continually requests homestay changes, for reasons deemed unreasonable by the school, a fee MAY be charged for each change, depending on circumstances.

If a student goes on holiday and wishes to return to the same homestay family, then on agreement with the host family a ‘holding fee’ of $80.00/per week will apply (up to a max. sum of $600.00). The host family has the right of refusal.

Please Note
Homestay accommodation is for International Students ONLY. Visiting family and friends will need to arrange their own accommodation.


All bank fees are the responsibility of the payee. A receipt cannot be issued until the balance of the invoice is paid. To avoid fees, we recommend using Flywire. This is a safe and convenient way to make international payments.

Flywire instructions for payment

New Students: log in to Enroller to view the Offer and Invoice summary before selecting ‘Flywire’ as your payment option and clicking ‘Pay now’.

Continuing Student Payments: go to northcross-school.flywire.com and enter your payment amount, country of origin and payment method.