Student Behaviour & Expectations

At Northcross Intermediate, we believe in fostering a community where respect and consideration are paramount.

We expect students to treat others as they wish to be treated, whether in response to situations, peer interactions, or while handling school property. Our students and their families must understand and adhere to our school’s expectations around behaviour, uniform, and general conduct. Upholding these standards ensures a positive and respectful environment for everyone.



All students must wear the Northcross uniform while at school, ensuring all visible clothing meets our guidelines. For comprehensive details on the dress code, please visit our Uniform page.


Students are expected to be at school and ready to learn by 8:30am each day. If they arrive after 8:45am, they must sign in late at the office. All student absences must be reported by parents to the school. This includes absences for appointments and exemptions from sports or physical education. All unreported absences will be followed up on. 

Please visit our Reporting an Absence page for more information.


At Northcross, teachers assign regular homework to reinforce classroom learning. Students are responsible for completing these assignments on time, while also balancing their cultural, sporting, and social activities. To help stay organised, we strongly encourage students to use their diaries for tracking homework tasks and deadlines.

Mobile Phones

Mobiles Phones are permitted at school but they are to be turned off during the school day and are kept in a secure place in the class throughout the day.

On occasion there may be times when mobile phones may be used as a learning device, these instances will be under direct teacher supervision.

We accept no responsibility for lost or damaged phones.


Northcross Intermediate has zero tolerance for bullying. Bullying is characterised as intentionally harmful and aggressive behaviour that is repeated over time and usually involves a power imbalance.

Whether it is through physical acts, hurtful words, social exclusion, or online harassment, we recognise all forms of bullying as unacceptable. 

More information, including where to get help, can be found in the Student Diary.

Prohibited Behaviour

Swearing or use of offensive/insulting language / displaying unacceptable behavior such as fighting, harassing (including sexual and racial), physical or verbal intimidation, or threatening others / stealing / smoking/vaping in the school grounds (or on the way to and from school) / bringing or consuming any alcohol at school (or on the way to and from school) / using any drugs or illegal substances / vandalism / spitting / gambling or trading / playing in out of bounds areas / Behaviour that by law is illegal.

Prohibited Items

Weapons - including knives, guns, imitation weapons and any instrument unnecessary for classroom use / any drugs and prohibited substances including solvents, alcohol, cigarettes and tobacco / inflammable or other dangerous items, including fireworks, matches, lighters and chemicals / pornographic material / aerosol cans e.g. deodorant and hairspray / chewing or bubble gum, lollies, carbonated drinks and the consuming of these / laser lights, cameras, water bombs, iPods, MP3 players or any electronic equipment of a similar nature / skateboard use at school, because of the risks of accidents.

Bus Behaviour

  • When loading, students must maintain a safe distance from the curb as the bus approaches and board in an orderly, single-file line without pushing.
  • Upon disembarking, students should immediately move to the roadside curb. They must wait for the bus to depart before attempting to cross the road, ensuring they have a clear view of oncoming traffic and that they are visible to other road users.
  • Students are expected to remain seated while on the bus whenever possible, refrain from swinging on handrails, and avoid climbing over seats.
  • We advise that students' HOP cards are regularly topped up to avoid travel delays. Setting up an automatic top-up is recommended.
  • Both parents and students need to understand that inappropriate behaviour on the bus can lead to the revocation of bus riding privileges. Respectful conduct ensures a safe and pleasant journey for everyone.

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