The use of digital technology is a key component in all Northcross classrooms.

To enhance this digital learning environment, we adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, encouraging students to bring their personal learning devices to the classroom. These devices will have access to the internet and the school online environment through our WiFi network.

In bringing a device students are ultimately responsible for that device on the way to and from school and while at school. We highly recommend having any device covered by the family’s contents insurance policy. Northcross is not liable for any damage or loss to a student’s device.

IT Acceptable Use Policy

We are committed to maintaining a safe, friendly, and fair environment both in school and online. We require all Northcross students to adhere to these values and to read and sign our IT Acceptable Use Policy. For students bringing their own mobile devices to school, the policy also includes a BYOD Mobile Contract.

Northcross reserves the right to restrict access to the NX BYOD or to confiscate a device if a student is deemed to have broken digital protocol or Cyber Use guidelines

Acceptable use policy & agreement

Additional Information

Minimum specifications for own device

A 'device' may fall into the following categories; Laptop, Chromebook, Notebook.

To work effectively it must: 

  1. Have at least a 10” screen.
  2. Be 5GHz WiFi capable (2.4GHz devices will not be supported).
  3. Have reasonable processing power
  4. Have a keyboard – can be portable but must be able to type.
  5. Have antivirus and operating system updates installed and up to date.

We also recommend the following:

  1. A USB port
  2. Headphones (earbuds)
  3. Chrome installed on Windows and Apple devices.

Noel Leeming have an online portal which parents can access to order a students device. A range of devices will be available. 

Visit Noel Leeming BYOD

What we have found

From our experience we have found that devices less than 3 years old have been more suitable and reliable. Devices should not be compromised with add-ons or a multitude of games and recreational applications.

As a household your decision will be based on your child’s IT knowledge and experience. Every student is unique and one operating system may be preferred to another. We are happy to give advice if required.

Google Chrome BooksRecommendedGood value for money Easy to use.
Windows 10 Laptop or NotebookRecommendedVery versatile. Range of devices available.
Apple Mac Books with latest OSGoodMore expensive if buying new.
Apple iPads or Samsung TabletNot recommendedLimitations with no keyboard and with some applications.
Other Android TabletsNot recommendedLimited in some applications.


Repairs & maintenance

Students and their families are responsible for their learning devices at all times. That said, Northcross Intermediate, in conjunction with our IT Support Team, can offer Repair and Maintenance services should you need assistance.

To ensure the security and optimal performance of student devices, we strongly recommend that all devices have up-to-date antivirus software installed. For information on our IT repair costs and a list of recommended antivirus packages, please refer to our file below.

IT repair costs & antivirus software

Cyber safety

Navigating the internet, while educational and beneficial, also comes with its own set of safety risks and concerns. To ensure your child is well-prepared and informed about how to stay safe online, we invite you to review the following PDFs.

Cyber Safety   Keeping kids safe online