Why NX

Middle years, maximum impact

Northcross Intermediate is far more than a transitional phase to secondary education. We’ve tailored a two-year programme to meet the unique needs and unlock the potential of our early adolescents. Our commitment is to offer a variety of opportunities that empower students to develop crucial skills, setting the stage for them to become lifelong learners.

Lighting the Path for Success

Focused on students aged 11–13, every aspect of our educational approach is designed with this life stage in mind.

Our curriculum includes specialised courses in a range of technological fields—from Bio-Tech and Robotics to Hard Materials and Engineering—as well as a rich selection of Arts subjects including Music, Visual Art, Drama, and Photography.

Beyond academics, students are also given the chance to take on genuine responsibilities in running the school, collaborating with their peers in a hands-on environment. This experience not only lays a strong foundation for secondary school, but also prepares them to be proactive contributors in the world of tomorrow.

For students in need of specialised academic support, we provide alternative pathways, complete with expert classroom assistance.

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