Student Accommodation

Accommodation must be pre-approved by the school to ensure it complies with the Tertiary and International Learners Code of Practice.

Accommodation Options

Living with a parent

Parents planning to accompany their child to New Zealand must ensure that Northcross Intermediate has their current contact information on file.

For stays longer than three calendar months, a guardianship visa is required, and parents are expected to reside with their child throughout the duration of their studies. Detailed information on visa requirements for accompanying a child to New Zealand can be found on the NZ Immigration website.

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Living with a designated caregiver

Parents of international students may nominate a close family friend or relative as a Designated Caregiver to take care of their child during their studies in New Zealand.

The nominated individual will be responsible for the student's daily care and accommodation throughout their time at Northcross Intermediate.

Our Designated Caregiver Agreement must be completed and signed by both the parent and the Designated Caregiver to establish this arrangement.

It's important to note that a Designated Caregiver does not assume the role of a Legal Guardian. Parents retain legal guardianship of the student, irrespective of their own geographical location, unless there has been a legal adoption in their home country.

The specific expectations and responsibilities of a Designated Caregiver are outlined in our guidelines document.

Guidelines for being a Designated Caregiver   Designated Caregiver Agreement

Living with a homestay family

Northcross Intermediate offers homestay accommodation, where students reside with carefully selected local families. 

These families undergo formal screenings, including police checks and home assessments, to ensure a safe and supportive living environment. Many of our homestay families also have children who attend Northcross, fostering a sense of community and belonging for the student. All parties must agree to and sign our Homestay Accommodation Agreement.

Homestay accommodation is for students only. Visiting family and friends need to make their own accommodation arrangements.

For detailed information of our accommodation costs and other fees, please visit our Fees page.

Download Homestay Accommodation Agreement

Interested in becoming a homestay family?

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