Learning At NX

Our learning approach encourages students to be reflective, take initiative in their studies, persevere, and explore every opportunity.

The school day

At the start of the academic year, each student receives a timetable outlining their daily subjects. The school day is structured into five 55-minute learning sessions, where students will attend a range of core and specialist classes. Additionally, there are two brief administration periods, one at the day’s start and another after lunch.

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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum consists of core subjects plus a specialist programme which includes art and technology subjects. We also run an optional specialist extension programme, allowing students to extend their skills in areas of particular interest.

Learning environments

We believe learning should be inclusive, innovative and inspiring so have created multiple learning environments that cater to the diverse needs of our students. They include various class configurations and tailor the curriculum towards specific interests and abilities.

Language programme

We believe learning a language other than English is an important life skill that helps prepare our students for the future. Northcross offers students the opportunity to study a selection of languages and cultures in small groups taught by qualified tutors.

Our Learning Philosophy

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is at the core of our educational philosophy. This student-centred approach encourages active exploration, critical thinking, and practical application of knowledge.


Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC) is an important aspect of our Health and Physical Education programme. It provides many exciting opportunities to be active and safe in the outdoors.


In helping prepare our students for the future we believe an important life skill is learning a language other than English. Selected languages are offered after school, these may include Chinese/Mandarin, French and Spanish. Our students are offered the opportunity to study their chosen language and culture in a small group and are taught by qualified tutors.

The Arts

All our endeavours at Northcross are distinguished by creativity and it is through the fine arts, performing arts and music that the students develop their creative skills. We incorporate The Arts into our curriculum through our specialist programmes and also through our extensive range of performing arts extra curricular activities and groups.


We have many bands and vocal groups for students to join. We perform throughout the year at concert nights, community outreaches and competitions. We also have an excellent music tuition program, which offers a wide variety of lessons, with top tutors and scholarships available for some instruments.

Visual arts

Students have the opportunities to develop ideas through imagination and observation and invention with materials.


Students will work with the elements of role, time and space, action, tension and focus. Their dance ideas are derived from imagination, feelings and experiences suggested by the teacher. There are also a number of extra curricular drama opportunities for students to join, including "Stuffy" a performing arts extension group and the bi-annual school production. 

Classes for all abilities


English Language Intensive Programme

At Northcross Intermediate we deliver an ELIP programme for students who are learning English as a second language. Our goal is to support students in a culturally aware environment. Teachers with expertise in ESOL provide lessons for English Language learners in the school.

The ELIP classroom is a place where students can feel safe while learning a new language and taking risks. Respect, making friends and supporting eachother provides the basis for a healthy learning enviornment.

Foundation to advanced students are supported with oral, reading and writing studies. Providing the opportunity to understand and use new academic language in an authentic context.


Fiona Lander – Head of ESOL/ELIP   Annette Thomas – ELIP/ESOL teacher

Students with special needs

At Northcross we recognise that our students have a wide range of abilities and emotional needs. Those students with special needs (CWSN) are identified at the start of the year from interviews and information from the primary schools – and as occasions arise throughout the year, e.g. after our testing.

Learning assistants currently work with small groups and individually as well as in the classroom. There are a variety of programmes available to cater for personal needs. Outside agencies e.g. RTLB, GSE and Marinoto, etc. are also included in some specially designed individual education plans. A school counsellor is available to support students with their concerns and emotional needs. Applications for this service can be by student self-referral, parents and teachers.

Gifted & talented students

Northcross Intermediate School strives towards identifying our Gifted and Talented Students through using a multi-identification programme.

From this Northcross aims to offer extension programmes for students who have a recognised talent. We continue to enter students in all appropriate local and International Academic competitions.

Future problem solving

Northcross has had teams in FPS for many years.

FPS caters for highly creative thinkers. The students learn a six-step process of problem-solving which gives them the ability to think critically and analytically about significant issues. It also fosters their creativity and vision to explore scenarios with originality and flexibility and to work as a team to achieve their goals. There is a cost in the FPS programme that covers national registration. All teams have the opportunity to be selected to attend National Finals and, if successful, World Finals