Learning Environments

Offering a wide range of learning environments is one of the things that makes Northcross great. Some of these opportunities are outlined below. For additional information, please speak to your class room teacher.

Classroom & curriculum opportunities

Single class

At Northcross the majority of classrooms are single teacher environments, where students work at their desks in their class space – some classes have preferred tables.

Students in this environment are eligible to apply for the Sports Class or Performing Arts Class in Year 8.

Twin class / Modern learning environment

These Classrooms provide students with a two-year interactive learning environment where students are instrumental in setting their personal learning pathways for their time at Northcross.

This learning environment encompasses students with positive learning skills, who are able to successfully interact in group situations and can accept the challenges of learning from the Year 7 and 8 blend of skills and attributes in the class.

Students in this environment are eligible to apply for the Sports Class or Performing Arts Class in Year 8.

2-year Independent Learning Class

We provide at least two composite classes, staffed by carefully chosen teachers, for those who can cope with an independent learning programme.

The students selected need to be divergent thinkers capable of self-discipline and initiative.

Students involved in this two-year programme are not eligible to apply for the Year 8 Sports Class or Year 8 Performing Arts Class.

Year 8 Sports Class

Northcross will again be offering Year 7 students the opportunity to apply for the Sports Class in 2024.

At Northcross we pride ourselves on catering for a range of learning styles. The Sports Class works similarly to the Multi, Independent and Single Cell Classes, only the curriculum is delivered using sport, physical education, fitness and other related areas as the learning context.

This learning environment is not necessarily just for the elite sports people. Year 7 students can apply and trial to become a member of the class for their Year 8 year. The application process includes submitting a CV/Resume and attending a Testing Day.

Sports Class 2024 Registration Form (Students will need to use their @nxschool.kiwi account to register.)

Sports Class 2024 CV/Resume Template (Students will need to make a copy in Google Drive and then edit.)

Sports Class Presentation 2024.pdf

Differences between Sports Class and Single Cell Class

Year 8 Performing Arts Class

The Performing Arts Class is similar in make up to a single cell class yet with the curriculum delivered using the many aspects of the performing arts as the learning context.

The class roll is approximately 32 students with a very enthusiastic teacher who is keen to see students take their performing expertise and academic achievements to higher levels and across a range of disciplines.

This has been an outstanding success during the last few years and is now one of the permanent class environments being offered for Year 8 students. Year 7 students make an application to trial for this class.

Classes for all abilities


English Language Intensive Programme

At Northcross Intermediate we deliver an ELIP programme for students who are learning English as a second language. Our goal is to support students in a culturally aware environment. Teachers with expertise in ESOL provide lessons for English Language learners in the school.

The ELIP classroom is a place where students can feel safe while learning a new language and taking risks. Respect, making friends and supporting eachother provides the basis for a healthy learning enviornment.

Foundation to advanced students are supported with oral, reading and writing studies. Providing the opportunity to understand and use new academic language in an authentic context.


Fiona Lander – Head of ESOL/ELIP   Annette Thomas – ELIP/ESOL teacher

Students with special needs

At Northcross we recognise that our students have a wide range of abilities and emotional needs. Those students with special needs (CWSN) are identified at the start of the year from interviews and information from the primary schools – and as occasions arise throughout the year, e.g. after our testing.

Learning assistants currently work with small groups and individually as well as in the classroom. There are a variety of programmes available to cater for personal needs. Outside agencies e.g. RTLB, GSE and Marinoto, etc. are also included in some specially designed individual education plans. A school counsellor is available to support students with their concerns and emotional needs. Applications for this service can be by student self-referral, parents and teachers.

Gifted & talented students

Northcross Intermediate School strives towards identifying our Gifted and Talented Students through using a multi-identification programme.

From this Northcross aims to offer extension programmes for students who have a recognised talent. We continue to enter students in all appropriate local and International Academic competitions.

Future problem solving

Northcross has had teams in FPS for many years.

FPS caters for highly creative thinkers. The students learn a six-step process of problem-solving which gives them the ability to think critically and analytically about significant issues. It also fosters their creativity and vision to explore scenarios with originality and flexibility and to work as a team to achieve their goals. There is a cost in the FPS programme that covers national registration. All teams have the opportunity to be selected to attend National Finals and, if successful, World Finals