Project Based Learning (PBL)

PBL is a student-centred approach that promotes active exploration, critical thinking, and real-world application. Students tackle complex problems, collaborate with peers, and develop essential skills. PBL fosters genuine motivation, cross-disciplinary learning, and prepares students for success in the 21st century.

Suzie Boss and Jane Krauss are renowned figures in the field of education. Their work centres around the blend of inquiry-based learning and project-based learning, creating a dynamic approach that nurtures student curiosity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Their key principles include encouraging students to explore authentic and meaningful questions, giving them ownership over project topics, promoting in-depth research and collaboration, and connecting inquiries to real-world impact. They stress the importance of reflection, feedback, and public presentation, with teachers serving as guides to support students’ inquiry journeys. This approach equips students with lifelong learning skills and prepares them to tackle complex challenges effectively.

At Northcross Intermediate by integrating inquiry into PBL, teachers can empower students to become active learners who ask meaningful questions, engage in critical research, collaborate effectively, and present their findings confidently. This approach not only deepens subject understanding but also cultivates essential skills for success in a rapidly changing world.

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