Kāhui Ako Oneroa Orchestra Day

On Friday 24th Northcross hosted our annual Kāhui Ako Oneroa Orchestra Day. The Oneroa Orchestra is a one day massed orchestra involving musicians from our local primary schools, secondary schools and Northcross Intermediate. The purpose of the day is to build connections between schools, focusing on the common interest of music. The goal is to build friendships, to make the transition from primary to intermediate to secondary school easier and to have fun making music in a large ensemble.

This year was our best and biggest event yet with seven schools participating, eight music teachers and over 200 young musicians performing together. Students got to meet musicians and teachers from different schools, rehearse a piece in their individual instrument sections and we ended with a performance of Born to Be Wild. The sound was incredible.  

Big thank you to all the musicians involved and staff from all schools contributing who made this event so successful.

A video of the performance can be seen here: https://youtu.be/6Rl3maBj31s?si=LCNvhVnbV1c_Bb5p

Queries about future events can be emailed to our head of music Sylvia Watson at sylviaw@northcross.school.nz


From NX Beacon