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Northcross Intermediate School is pleased to offer our scholarship instrument program.

These awards would benefit a student who is looking for a second instrument, for example, a piano player that reads bass clef or a student wishing to try a different size of the instrument, for example, a clarinetist looking to try a bass clarinet.

Scholarship information

The award

These scholarships allow the student free hire for a year on the instrument awarded. This does not include the tuition on the instrument.

The benefits

The French Horn, Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone, and Euphonium are offered as opposed to other instruments as these form the basis of the bass section in Concert Bands, Orchestras, Wind and Brass Ensembles, and Jazz Bands.

Experience on these instruments offers students a unique advantage when entering Intermediate School and High School Music programs and sets them up for a lifetime of music-making. Students entering High School with even a basic experience on these instruments are highly sort after for the elite bands, concerts, and tours.

What you need to do

Students awarded these scholarships will need to be committed to the school music lessons and regular practice at home. (Regular practice of 15 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week).

We also require the regular attendance of either Stage Band our beginner music band or Concert Band, in order to ensure the students are getting the best out of their experience and are using the scholarship to feed into our music community.

To apply for a scholarship instrument please complete this form. 

For more information please contact Mrs. Potts in the office. 

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