NX Making Waves at NH Swimming Comp

Amidst the gleaming waters of Millennium Pools, a spirited atmosphere filled the air as students from various schools gathered for a day of swimming prowess and sportsmanship. Hosted with impeccable organisation by Takapuna Normal Intermediate, the Swimming Zone Day proved to be a testament to perseverance and resilience among the many young athletes.

As the races commenced, the pool became a stage for displays of sheer determination. Each stroke and kick exemplified the culmination of hours of hard work and dedication put in by the students during training sessions leading up to the event.

Despite facing formidable challenges, ranging from intense competition to personal obstacles, the students showed remarkable resilience. They pushed themselves beyond their limits, refusing to give in to fatigue or self-doubt. Every setback was met with renewed determination, fueling their desire to give their best.

Rivalries were set aside as competitors cheered each other on, offering words of encouragement and support as they familiar faces from club swimming took each other on. Whether they touched the wall first or last, each swimmer was met with applause and admiration for their valiant efforts by the enthusiastic peers and spectators.

All 18 athletes made Northcross proud in their amazing efforts. A special mention to the following students for qualifying for Interzone Champs.

Connor Kerr, Blake Zhang, William Zhang, Charles Cate

Results were as follows: Charles Cate – 3rd Y7 back stroke, Connor Kerr 3rd Y8 back stroke Y8 , Blake Zhang 3rd Y7 free style , William Zhang 1st Y7 breast stroke

Shane Vallendar – Teacher in charge

From NX Beacon