Softball a Big Hit with Northcross Teams

Year 8 Boys – North Harbour Champions

At the recent Zone Day, our Year 8 Boys Softball team showcased solid skills and teamwork, playing through four pool games to finish on top of the pool stages, and secure a spot in the semi-finals. The semi-final against Birkdale was a highlight, ending with a convincing 14-0 win. In the finals, facing a competitive Murrays Bay team, our boys played strategically and managed a 5-2 victory. Well done to our Year 8 Boys Softball team for their impressive performance and success at the event. Next stop, Auckland Champs!

Shane Dennis – Teacher in charge

Y8 Boys Team 2

The Y8 team 2 boys had an awesome day playing at Rosedale park at their Zone day. They went away from the day only losing 2 games, learning lots about softball, having fun and ending up coming 5th overall. The boys constantly improved throughout the day and all showed great enthusiasm and determination which ultimately helped them make some memorable plays. The boys should be extremely proud of their efforts and hopefully they will continue playing softball for club and for the school in the future. Well done boys!!

Jarryd Russell – Team Manager

Year 7 Boys

The NX Y7 Softball boys team represented the school at the recent North Harbour Softball Zone day at Rosedale Park. As a team we had many players new to the sport but they transitioned really well. In an extremely tight group they missed out on the final by two runs which saw them playing for third and fourth with the team unfortunately running out of steam and finishing 4th overall. The boys showed great courage and determination throughout the day, representing the school well.

Tom Roberts – Teacher in charge

Year 8 Girls Team 1

On Wednesday 28 March our inexperienced, yet keen and we-can-do-it Year 8 Girls softball team headed to the North Harbour Softball Competition at Rosedale Park. Their first game was playing Northcote; not only did the team learn a few more rules, they managed to dig deep and end with a 1 – 1 draw. Heading into their second game against TNIS they felt more confident with some excellent batting and won 7-3. In their final pool game they faced MBIS and it was a tough match. MBIS led 7- 3 but in thefinal innings NX kept their cool and locked the game up at 7-7 to make it to the semi-finals. In the semi they played Albany Junior College and with our teams sharp fielding and quick base running NX won 7-3. The Finals felt like a repeat of the last pool match with NX up against had MBIS again. Once again our team clawed their way back to make it 7-7. NX went into the final innings and needed 3 outs to secure a win. Unfortunately MBIS produced some great batting and won 8-7. To the girls credit their individual sporting abilities and quick learning of the game managed a well-deserved second place overall.

Year 8 Girls Team 2

The Y8 team 2 girls had an spectacular day playing at Rosedale park at their Zone day. The girls had a bit of a rough start, but showed great determination and came back winning their last game and coming 7th overall. The girls improved with every single game as well as their overall knowledge of the game. The girls should be very happy with how they played throughout the day and hopefully they will keep putting effort into playing softball for club or for school. Well done girls!!

Year 7 Softball Girls
A huge round of applause goes out to the Y7 Girls team. The team lacked training because of weather and availability of coaching due to  a number of other sporting clashes. Regardless of this the girls worked through the issues valiantly. We suffered a few injuries of which the girls quickly recovered from and all soldiered on. Our team was involved in a four team round robin and finished third. I was impressed in their resilience and their support for each other.
Well done Team.
Leane Barry – Teacher in charge

From NX Beacon