TOI Competition 2024

The 2024 TOI wearable art competition was an exciting event where students were able to showcase their creations at the live Showquest event at the Aotea Centre on the 12th of June.

The Northcross Intermediate Toi group consisted of 26 designers and 14 garments. Northcross had an array of designs across five categories: Stories of the South Pacific; Myths, Legends and Fantastic Creatures; Larger than Life; Year 3024 and Open. The designers pulled out all the stops and WOW-ed the judges this year. 

Star of the Night by by Vivienne O’Connell

The following students received awards for their designs:
Auckland Results
Junior Star of the Night: Yesterday’s Dream by Vivienne O’Connell
Excellent Garment Construction and Finishing: Rising from the Ashes by Naia Carson-Neufeld
Outstanding Stage Presence: Blood on the Water by Jett Iles; Queen of the Coral by Nivanne Chand, Taylor McDonald and Francesca McGinley; The Masked Puzzler by Coco Bibby and Alexie Gribble
Creative Storytelling: Yesterday’s Dream by Vivienne O’Connell; Flight of the Tui by Wota Li and Sophie Lau; Wendigo by Sveta Oparina and Caleb Forster; Weather for Ducks by Sarah Rutledge and Katherine Arnold

After the Auckland competition, all garments are judged nationally. So, we will wait with bated breath to hear how these go!

Congratulations to every designer who took the time out during this year to create their garment, they worked extremely hard and it was reflected in their final costumes.

A massive thanks to the teachers who helped during the design and creation process, Nicola Gray, Rose Golds and Sara Cornthwaite.

From NX Beacon