Y7 Challenger Series

Millennium Centre Water Safety by Julia Chen

The last activity our class did was water safety at the Millennium Centre. Even though we only stayed in the pool for an hour, I still had a lot of fun! First of all, my group learnt what we should do if we were lost at sea with a group of people, and also how to save energy during this time.
Next, we practised how to form a huddle, and how to change into a line, without breaking apart. It was really difficult! Another activity we did was how to get off the boat safely. We achieved this by sitting on the side of the boat, facing inwards, blocking your nose and tilting back, falling into the water. Before leaving, the instructor tested us by giving us some scenarios, to see how well we would do–it did not work out
well–we instantly split into two groups, which really confused the instructor!
The Northcross Learner dispositions showed was “collaboration” because we needed to work together in our huddle and line.

Barefoot Harry by Sean Lee Room 4

On Thursday 23rd of May, Rooms 3 and 4 went to Sanders Reserve with Barefoot Harry. My favourite thing was making our donuts, it was so good and watching it slowly burn in front of my eyes was making my stomach rumble. I remember I grabbed the biggest piece of dough I could see. After what felt like hours I grabbed the doughnut off the stick and it looked delicious. I was so happy that I could try this before I died. I think that throwing the darts was so much fun too. I saw Harry cutting down the flax and I already knew what he was making. After he fully assembled the dart he showed us how to throw it, and it went crazy far. Making the soup made me feel like a parent. After a while of using the beginner knife I asked to upgrade to the good knife, and of course they said yes. I now felt like Gordon Ramsey while cutting with ease. The soup we made was the best soup I have ever tasted. Overall, I had a blast and it was the most fun activity that we did in our challenger series.


From NX Beacon