Bus Information

Please open the link below for information regarding the 2023 school bus routes 

Any questions please contact Donne at the school office at Ph: (09) 477 0167

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MOE Bus Ticket Increase 2023

Ritchies MOE tickets (yellow clip tickets purchased from the office) will increase to $28 including GST for 2023.  This is in line with annual increase per Transport Price Index from Waka Kotahi.

Routes #27 and #28

With the roadslips on Glenvar Rd, this is making the above Routes run late.  Until they can get access to Glenvar Rd again, this will be ongoing at this stage.

School Bus Transfer Changes

# 25 Hatfields Beach to Rangitoto College

# 26 Gulf Harbour to Long Bay College, Northcross Intermediate and Rangitoto College

# 27 Stanmore Bay to Long Bay College

The new transfer place for these services is now at Painton Rd old stops and not at Memorial Park.


Bus Safety

 -Loading – just a reminder for common sense and not pushing, wait well back from the curb as the bus approaches and load in a single file – in an orderly manner

-Exiting – ensure the students, after getting off the bus, stand back on the curb or road side and wait until the bus has left – before they think about crossing the road – this ensures they have a clear view of other vehicles coming from either direction before they cross the road, and also gives other road users a clearer view of them once the bus is out of the way.

-Whilst on the bus students should always be seated where ever possible, not swinging on the handles etc nor climbing over the seats

-HOP cards / tickets – if parents or the students can ensure their cards are topped up (and preferably have auto top up on) as there are regularly students wanting to board with no money

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