3 on 3 Touch

2024 Registration is now Closed

Before your child commits to this sport please read the very important information below. 

If you have any questions or require additional information please email Scott Washer.

3 on 3 Touch Information

Game draws, times & venue

Season starts: Friday 23 February 2024

Game day: Unless otherwise stated, game day will be Friday. Note rounds 3, 6 & 8 will be on different day. 

Game times: 3:15, 3:40, 4:05, 4:30 and 4:55. See weekly draw below.

Location: NX courts 1, 2 & 3. See weekly draw below.


2024 Touch draw, times & loaction

Download 2024 draw


$15 per Player



Registration is via the NX Online Shop.

  1. Get your team together!
    All teams must have 4 players minimum and 6 maximum.
  2. Once you have your team sorted, go onto the Online Shop and register.
  3. Once 4 players have paid, the team will be registered.


Your whole team MUST know the exact spelling of your team name before you can register via the Online Shop. If a player spells the name incorrectly, they will be entered in a different team. 

If a player from another team takes the court for your team, it is an automatic default. That is why I suggest you have the full 6 players registered. 

Register Now

Equipment & uniform

PE Uniform, or mufti can be worn.

Must wear sports shoes – This is not negotiable!

Bibs will be provided


Games are 9 minutes each/with 1 minute for half time.

  • MAJOR RULE CHANGE! To start the game, a restart after a try, or halftime start, and all turnovers play simply restarts with a player tapping the ball on the ground and then passing to another player.
  • There is no roll ball in the game at all.
  • At no stage can you tap and run with the ball. 
  • Defenders to be 3m back.
  • ABSOLUTELY No Diving! I am no doctor! Penalty. There is no ‘rolling out of the 5’ near the try line.


Win = 4 points
Draw = 2 points
Loss = 0 points
Win, loss or draw with 6 tries = Bonus point
Loss within 2 = Bonus point

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