AIMS 2019


Nearly 200 Northcross athletes headed to Tauranga last week for the annual AIMS Games, ready to give their all against the best the country could offer. It was an amazingly successful week for all our athletes as they showed outstanding determination and commitment, playing their hearts out in the hope that they could secure a win and be one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal - the title “NZ Champions”. The skill, agility, stamina and talent shown by all, was incredibly impressive and while there were some nerve wracking, and at times heartbreaking moments, our students showed outstanding character and resilience, making NX very, very proud. The NX team also displayed incredible sportsmanship throughout the week, supporting not only each other but other schools as well - they were all excellent ambassadors for NX.   

This year we achieved, overall, the best results in our 14 years of attending AIMS - with all 10 of our Team Codes finishing in the top 8 of their respective competition. This in itself is a massive achievement. Below are our podium finishes and final placings for our Team Codes:

Football Boys1st place - Gold medalists

Hockey Boys - 2nd place overall - Silver medalists

Netball3rd place overall - Bronze medalists

Basketball Girls3rd place overall - Bronze medalists

Basketball Boys3rd place overall - Bronze medalists

Waterpolo4th place overall

Football Girls4th place overall

Futsal6th place overall

Hockey Girls6th place overall

Rugby 7’s8th place overall

Cross CountryAmy Hurly- 1st in Y7 Girls

GolfKeira Rhind - 3rd in 18 Hole Girls Stableford


Talia Mills - 1st Overall Open Junior DMT Trampoline and Trampoline

Madison Mills - 1st Overall Open Senior DMT Trampoline

Zoe Davis - 1st Womens Artistic Twisters Vault & 2nd Open Senior DMT & Trampoline

Taiga Stenton - 1st Floor, 3rd Parallel bars and 3rd overall Mens Artistic Open Junior

Enzo Leith - 2nd Overall DMT Open Senior

Bernice Wannenburg - 2nd Overall Artistic

Katelyn Ware - 3rd Vault for Competitive Artistic and 2nd Overall Trampoline Twisters.


Eileena Bao - 12yr Girls - 3rd 100 Medley; 3rd 50 Back; 3rd 100 Back; 2nd 200 Mixed Medley Relay;

Vincent Prajogo - 11yr Boys - 2nd 100 Back; 2nd 200 Back; 3rd 100 Breast;

Millie Middleton - 13yr Girls - 3rd 100 IM; 2nd 50 Breast; 2nd 100 Fly; 2nd 100 Free; 2nd 50 Fly; 1st 200 IM; 2nd 50 Fly; 1st 50 Free; 2nd overall; + 1 x AIMS RECORD IN 200 IM

Benson Li - 13yr Boys - 1st 50 Breast; 1st 100 Breast; 1st 200 Breast; 2nd 200 Mixed Medley Relay;

Holly Nelson - 11yr Girls - 1st 200 Back; 1st 200 Free; 2nd 100 Back; 3rd 50 Back; 3rd 100 IM; 2nd Overall;

Sapphire Morgan - 2nd 200 Mixed Medley Relay Team;

NX also represented exceptionally well in the following sporting codes: BMX, MultiSport, Badminton, Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Squash, Yachting, Aerobics, Tennis, Table Tennis.

A HUGE THANKS to our special team of Teachers, Coaches, Managers and Support Staff who went  above and beyond to organise, support and inspire the NX AIMS team this year. The support, effort and commitment they gave to driving their team to be the best they could be throughout the week was second to none! Thank you!

Also a BIG Thanks to all those who travelled to Tauranga to support from the sidelines - your encouraging words, positivity and enthusiasm was second to none - we really appreciated it! Thank you!



If you missed the Information Evening, please see the Slide Show below for all the information that was presented. If you have any further questions or queries, please email sport(at)


Northcross attends AIMS with the aspiration to win the sporting codes we are competing in. All students who have been selected/provisionally selected as part of an AIMS team have done exceptionally well to achieve this elite level, especially considering the depth and calibre of the talent we have in our school.

As always, we have gone through a very thorough selection process to determine our AIMS teams and as per our Sports Selection Policy, no correspondence regarding team selection will be entered into. If you wish to view it, please refer to our NX Sport page.  

Congratulations to all those who have made the following AIMS Teams:

Basketball Boys   Waterpolo   Football Boys
Anton Seuseu   Alec Mebhan   Carlos Takayama
Bartosz Jackowski   Ben Fraser   Connor De Gier
Daniel Lindsay   Benson Li   Gab Sloane
Matthew Lindsay   Jack Buckley   Harry Crawford
Mitchell Currin   Jack Roberts   Henry Buxton
Mwilwa Chituta   Mackenzie Rogers   Jack Power
Tai Rhodes   Mario Maurovich   Jack Young
Troy Supple   Pippa Southcombe   Kyle Oishi
Troy Wentworth   Ryan Burke   Luke Usher
Jay Zhang   Morgan Burke - Kennedy   Orlando Thorpe
Cuba Rihari (Non-Travelling Reserve)   Waimana Wynard   Phoenix Vandenberg
        Porter Eddy
        Riley Byrne
        Will Xiong
Football Girls   Hockey Boys   Hockey Girls
Abi Church   Aston Bentham   Anna Greenhalgh
Addison Dent   Cameron Schmidt   Cara McLeod
Casey RM   David Pringle   Cassie Bentham
Ellie Harrison   Dylan Black   Isabelle Wenham
Fleur Atchison   Fergus Postles   Lilly Lewis
Kaitlyn Bourhill   Joshua Haveman   Lola Harford
Kenzie Longmuir   Keown Scheepers   Lyla Woodward
Kiera Knott   Lachie Cruickshank   Nina Camons
Maddy Bailey   Liam Murdoch   Reese MAYER
Paige Little   Luke Drake   Rowan Drennan
Ruby O’sullivan   Max Henshaw   Scarlett Ion
Shelby Kraatskow   Tane Evans-Clarke   Talia Van Rooyen
Skye Ivatt   Patrick Yates    Taylor Bicknell
Sophia Tuck       Zoe Ellis
Rugby 7's   Basketball Girls    Futsal
Alec Oelofse   Brennah Latoalevi-Nosa    Tom Malone
Ashton Falloon   Draun Forbes    Kody Power
Caeden Foster   Jaz Zanders    Kai Barrett
Werner van Staden   Katy McCoskery    Aston Ingram
Hamish Gowans   Sienna Bell    Justin Chang
Haydn Butler   Xanthe Pinder    Lael Diedericks
JD Dawson   Zaara Sain    Fynn Greshan
Josh Robson   Brooke Morgan     Ollie Ward
Keanu Kruger   Paige Jackson
   Sam Comar
Ryan Fleming   Hannah Coffman (Non-Travelling Reserve)    
Sam van der Ent   Sam Freimuth (Non-Travelling Reserve)
    Briar Hamblyn (Non-Travelling Reserve)    
Georgia Savage        
Georgia Knight        
Ngaawai Simpkins        
Kate Borton        
Julia Browne        
Maiah Hosking        
Scarlett Graham-Williams        
Hunter Riggs        
Eileena Bao        
Phoebe Casey        
Jonah Fraser        
Aaron Canty        



  • If Provisional's have been listed - final spots in the Team and any Non Travelling Reserves will be named, from this list, by the end of Week 1, Term 3.
  • Some students who are named as Provisional may unfortunately still miss out on the team altogether.
  • Students who have had ongoing injuries and are undergoing a recovery programme, have been named as Provisional. 
  • Some teams may add Non Travelling Reserves at a later date.
  • Futsal and Netball teams will be announced before the end of term. 


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