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Below is all the information regarding the 2023 Auckland Schools MTB Championships.

If your child does Mountain Biking regularly, this series of events may be of interest to you. Please have a read of this information and if you wish for your child to be involved in this, please email sport(at) by Thursday 2 March to let us know so that we can then ensure your child is affiliated with Cycling NZ. Once your child is affiliated, you will be sent further information pertaining to how to enter your child into these events.

Please note: your child will need to have their own Mountain Bike and all necessary safety gear in order to take part in this sport and it will be the Parent/Caregivers responsibility to transport and supervise their child at each of these events. Unfortunately there will not be a NX Staff member present.


Race 1a - XCO Sunday 12th March, Riverhead (am)

Race 1b - XCR Sunday 12th March, Riverhead (pm) - XCR Relay teams event

Race 2 – Sunday May 7 – Hunua

Race 3 – Sunday June 18 – TBC

Race 4 – Sunday July 23 – Waitawa Regional Park

Race 5 – Sunday August 27 – Totara Park



All information will be on our website

$25.00 PER RACE


  1. All events follow the Cycling NZ Covid 19 rules. 
  2. Riders may be able to have their name printed on their Race Plate IF registered for Race 1 before a specified date each season.
  3. Riders are encouraged to race within their age group. However, it is permitted to ride ONE age group higher (u13 to u17) by application to the committee. Riders will not be able to change age groups after Race 1. 
  4. Entries to be completed by ALL riders as individuals
  5. Entries will close at midnight on the Tuesday before each race. No entries will be taken after this close. See (b) for exception.
  6. Entries are confirmed only once payment has been made (an invoice is issued when entering)
  7. Supervising adults are responsible for ensuring that competitors are aware of the rules and hazards at each race.
  8. Entry Fee is $25.00 each per race. (See separate information on the Relay Champs).
  9. Entry information, RAMs documents and course information (with hazards identified) will be available on the Auckland Mountain Bike Club website

Age Divisions

Under 13 (male and female), Under 14 (male and female), Under 15 (male and female), Under 16 (male and female), Under 17 (male and female) & Under 20 (male and female)

Note: the Division measure date is the age of the rider as at 31 December in the year of racing. If for example a rider is 16 years old on or before the 31 December, then they are an U17 rider


The race will follow a multi-lap format with each lap taking approximately 25 minutes to complete for the average rider. The same course will be used by all competitors and so is designed to cater for beginners through to experienced riders. Senior competitors will complete a greater number of laps than the Intermediates. The course will normally be marked for practice from approx 2pm, the Saturday before each race. Once the course is set up this is the course that will be raced, unless the Event Manager determines otherwise on race day.

Lapping out. This will be based on times to give most riders a reasonable chance of finishing the race

        i.No riders will be able to start a new lap after a fixed time has elapsed

  1. Under 13s, Under 14s, and Under 15s will not be able to start their second lap if their first lap has taken more than 45 minutes.
  2. Under 16s and Under 17s no new laps after 70 minutes from the start.
  3. Under 20s no new laps after 90 minutes from the start.

TWO separate races will be run.

Race 1 will be for U13, U14, and U15 riders, starting at approximately 10.15am. 

Race 2 will be for U16, U17 and U20 riders, starting at approximately 11.45am.


Check the Auckland Schools Mountain Biking Facebook page for details leading up to each race


  • Registration/Bike Checks: 9:00am – 10:00am
  • Race Briefing:10:00am For all racers
  • Race Starts:10.15 am (Race 1); 11.45am (Race 2)
  • Prize giving:2:00pm (approx.)
  • Spot Prizesafter prizegiving

NOTE times will be earlier for the day that also has the XCR Champs (Relay). For example, Race 1 might start at 8.30am.


The event is run under Cycling New Zealand Schools Rules and the MTBNZ Protective Equipment Guidelines. 

Please see our Policy document available on the Auckland Mountain Bike website  


Please take note of the following:

  • We advise all competitors to have their bikes thoroughly checked by an expert prior to the event (visit your local bike store). 
  • Bikes must be in good working order with functional front and rear brakes.
  • A NZ Standards approved hard shell helmet must be worn (competitors will not be permitted to ride with helmets that are deemed to be unsafe). 
  • While not compulsory, gloves and eye protection are strongly recommended.
  • The organisers also recommend that each competitor carry at least 500mls of water. There will be a designated feedzone for competitors who wish to be fed during the race.
  • Please, no dogs or smoking at the events.


As a condition of entry you are required to acknowledge your responsibilities as rider and team manager.


This event recognises the Fair Play Charter. Competitors must not use offensive or abusive language, act in any anti-sporting manner, be disrespectful to the officials, or ignore race regulations. Race regulations include, among others, no short cutting of the course and no deliberate obstructing a faster rider from overtaking.


Sportsmanship is important at any level of Mountain biking. We highly encourage you to watch out for your fellow riders, whether they be your team mates or not. Remember if someone yells ‘rider on your right’ please allow them to pass at the next possible spot that you deem is safe for yourself, and the fellow rider to pass. Do not deliberately hold up a rider who wants to pass.


  • Each school represented must have at least 1 adult on site during the event. 
  • Wearing school colours is preferred. If the School does not have a mountain bike uniform then PE shirt will suffice.  

ABANDONMENT OF EVENT (pulling out of the race)

Please tell your students that if for some reason they cannot finish the event they must tell a race Official. 


  • Interim results will be announced on the day.

  • Please note these are provisional and any queries are to be made by the Team Manager only directly to the Event Manager. 
  • Official results will be posted to Auckland Mountain Bike Club website


  • Event First aid will be provided at each race by a qualified medic. 
  • There will be an aid base station at the venue if you require assistance when not racing. 
  • In an Emergency call 111  


  • The organisers reserve the right to cancel one or more of the events in the case of adverse weather conditions. 
  • Any contingency plans will be announced via Facebook. 
  • Please note that any decisions with respect to refunds will be at the Committee's discretion.

If you have any questions or queries regarding Mountain Biking – please email sport(at)


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