This Thursday is our last week of Netball! Well done to all teams for giving the season an excellent effort!


  • All skirts/dresses will need to be handed into the Team Manager after the game on Thursday, so please come with something to get changed into
  • The Team Photo Comp Winning Teams will be announced before Wednesday 28th August.
  • NX NETBALL PRIZEGIVING - will take place next Thursday 5th September, 6.30pm in the PAC. All teams/players/coaches and managers are required to be there. 

Thursday 29 August - Northcross Intermediate

Time Home Away Venue Game Officials
16:00 Albany JHI 7/1 Northcross 7/01 NNH - Court 10 Anya du Preez
16:00 Northcross 7/03 Glenfield Int 7/1 NNH - Court 8 Erin Edwards
16:00 Northcross 7/06 Pasadena 7/1 Pulse NNH - Court 13 Poppy Martin
16:00 Belmont Int 7/6 Northcross 7/11 NNH - Court 19 Tausala Tanimo
16:00 Pinehurst Int 8/1 Northcross 8/02 NNH - Court 9 Amelia Beechey
16:50 Northcross 7/02 Ponsonby Int 7/1 NNH - Court 11 Erin Edwards
16:50 Ponsonby Int 7/3 Northcross 7/08 NNH - Court 16 Gizelle Page
16:50 MBIS 8/03 Northcross 8/03 NNH - Court 12 Elly Wears
17:30 Carmel Int 8/1 Northcross 8/01 NNH - Court 2 Erin Edwards
17:40 Mahurangi Int 7/1 Northcross 7/04 NNH - Court 7 Amelia Beechey
17:40 Albany JHI 7/3 Northcross 7/09 NNH - Court 16 Poppy Martin
17:40 Northcross 7/10 Whangaparaoa Int 7/2 (Blue) NNH - Court 9 Anya du Preez
17:40 Northcross 7/12 TNIS 7/5 NNH - Court 19 Tausala Tanimo
17:40 Northcross 7/13 Albany JHI 7/6 NNH - Court 6 Abby Wang
18:30 Northcross 7/05 Northcross 7/07 NNH - Court 14 Anya du Preez & Amelia Beechey
18:30 Northcross 8/07 Whangaparaoa Int 8/2 NNH - Court 15 Erin Edwards
18:30 Pasadena 8/4 Northcross 8/12 NNH - Court 20 Poppy Martin
18:50 Northcross 8/08 Pasadena 8/2 Thunder Westlake Girls - Court 1 Lani Onesemo
18:50 MBIS 8/07 Emerald Northcross 8/09 Westlake Girls - Court 3 Piper Rea
19:20 Northcross 8/04 MBIS 8/04 Crystal NNH - Court 9 Erin Edwards
19:20 Ponsonby Int 8/2 Northcross 8/05 NNH - Court 7 Amelia Beechey
19:20 Albany JHI 8/3 Northcross 8/06 NNH - Court 15 Poppy Martin
19:40 Northcross 8/11 Whangaparaoa Int 8/3 Westlake Girls - Court 3 Lani Onesemo
19:40 Ponsonby Int 8/4 Northcross 8/10 Westlake Girls - Court 4 Piper Rea

NX NETBALL TEAMS 2019 are posted below:

Name Room   Draun Forbes Room 53
Breeze Maro Room 46   Georgia Knight Room 53
Grace Hirst Room 55   Georgia Savage Room 08
Jonah Fraser Room 35   Hunter Riggs Room 30
Kaianne Henare Room 05   Julia Browne Room 20
Liv Ross Room 44   Kate Borton Room 54
Maddison Byrne Room 06   Millie Middleton Room 02
Pippa Southcombe Room 12   Ngaawai Simpkins Room 08
Sienna Bell Room 21   Zaara Sain Room 41
Willow Simper Room 16   NX NETBALL YEAR 8 TEAM 2
Yuna Otsubo Room 50   Bernice Wannenburg Room 59
NX NETBALL YEAR 7 TEAM 2   Brennah Latoalevi-Nosa Room 41
Abigail Church Room 45   Eileena Bao Room 54
Isla Stewart Room 06   Maiah Hosking Room 53
Isobel Chapman-Smith Room 15   Maite Abreu Room 22
Jasmine Liu Room 55   Olivia Beechey Room 02
Jessica Vincent-Tait Room 21   Paige Little Room 53
Lani Tereora Room 06   Phoebe Casey Room 53
Lyricc Rameka Room 05   Scarlett Graham-Williams Room 31
Maija Platt Room 15   Xanthe Pinder Room 31
Olivia Manu Room 05   NX NETBALL YEAR 8 TEAM 3
Sienna Heaton Room 34   Grace Feasey Room 53
NX NETBALL YEAR 7 TEAM 3   Holly Millar Room 33
Ava Duncan Room 21   Ishika Sharma Room 07
Caitlin McGowan Room 20   Lucy Aspinall Room 30
Daniella Kieser Room 06   Mackenzie Rogers Room 47
Hayley Middleton Room 35   Piripono Kaye Room 08
James Haslam Room 15   Sapphire Morgan Room 53
Millie Martin Room 12   Scarlett Wears Room 22
Rebekah Cook Room 58   Sophia Tuck Room 47
Ruby McDonald Room 20   NX NETBALL YEAR 8 TEAM 4
Summer Martin Room 32   Angelina Albuquerque Room 52
NX NETBALL YEAR 7 TEAM 4   Ella Harvey Room 50
Alexia Wyndham Room 21   Ellie Borek-Koopen Room 22
Holly Stanford Room 12   Eva Nickelchok Room 54
Isla Postill Room 06   Isla Smith Room 59
Lara Deacon Room 05   Monique Fraser Room 60
Maisie Keclik Room 56   Reese Mayer Room 53
Millie Lynch Room 35   Summer Bailey Room 54
Paris Lathwood Room 16   NX NETBALL YEAR 8 TEAM 5
Sacha Maxwell Room 56   Aislin Smith Room 09
Sienna Cousins Room 12   Briar Hamblyn Room 08
NX NETBALL YEAR 7 TEAM 5   Casey Richardson-Mould Room 22
Addison Dent Room 44   Dominic Kaaka Room 52
Aja Osman Room 34   Keira Davey Room 60
Jamie Baird Room 32   Kelly Hunt Room 59
Kaycee Manukia Room 51   Maia Hunter Room 41
Lauren Bowles Room 58   Reese Donald Room 17
Lilia Bullent Room 05   Ruth Winyard Room 60
Mackenzie South Room 15   NX NETBALL YEAR 8 TEAM 6
Mitali Jakowetz Room 43   Becky Thompson Room 13
Sarah Sadler Room 15   Deziray Spinka Room 08
Sophie Sykes Room 34   Ella Price Room 52
NX NETBALL YEAR 7 TEAM 6   Gabriella Dew Room 30
Alana Chase Room 06   Jenna Voss Room 54
Amy Hurly Room 57   Kimberly Young Room 07
Ayla Stewart Room 20   Paige Markwick Room 07
Brooke Burger Room 48   Sam Freimuth Room 41
Ella Kirkpatrick Room 55   NX NETBALL YEAR 8 TEAM 7
Myka Kirkcaldie Room 45   Abby Wang Room 17
Nina Lewis Room 21   Chalize Knight Room 49
Rileigh Mayer Room 15   Holly Beaumont Room 22
Soleil Derks-Douglas Room 21   Morgan-Lee Gouveia Room 31
NX NETBALL YEAR 7 TEAM 7   Olivia Owen Room 13
Aimee Lowe Room 35   Porscha Gera Room 59
Danielle Lacey Room 05   Renee Gambling Room 54
Issy Johnson Room 16   Waimarie Tahana Room 08
Kane McKenlay Room 32   Yoanna-Maria Boteva Room 09
Kayla Radford Room 48   NX NETBALL YEAR 8 TEAM 8
Lynn Bartie Room 32   Bella Askew Room 41
Madison Mackie Room 45   Caitlin Church Room 47
Michelle Geyser Room 12   Danielle Larkan Room 07
Misha Miller Room 46   Danni Mander Room 17
Sofia Jacomb Room 05   Elsie Constantine Room 52
NX NETBALL YEAR 7 TEAM 8   Erin Wilkinson Room 53
Aisha Kim Room 56   Lyla Woodward Room 11
Danika Snyman Room 15   Sophie Taylor Room 10
Juliette Page Room 57   NX NETBALL YEAR 8 TEAM 9
Kendrah-lee Hogg Room 43   Amber Williams Room 22
Landi Elma Rousseau Room 34   Chloe Ward Room 60
Lauren Munro Room 43   Jayd Halpin Room 41
Megan Van den Hende Room 16   Lara Padrutt Room 08
Paige Farquhar Room 45   Makayla Hainsworth Room 11
Scarlett Ion Room 20   Michaela Araujo Room 47
NX NETBALL YEAR 7 TEAM 9   Mieke Van Dyk Room 47
Caitlin Bristol Room 56   Paige Clark Room 49
Daisy Lee Room 43   NX NETBALL YEAR 8 TEAM 10
Eleanor Lycett Room 35   Alexia Muir Room 49
Giarna Treadwell Room 45   Daisy Nixon Room 09
Hannah Maitland Room 34   Isla Young Room 08
Isabella Botha Room 46   Jessica Cargeege Room 41
Scarlett Magill Room 05   Kayla Ferreira Room 59
Skyla Bothma Room 58   Laricha Lombard Room 17
Zainab Alsakini Room 06   Mia Avenell Room 33
NX NETBALL YEAR 7 TEAM 10   Olivia Rabbits Room 07
Carly Fear Room 06   Sine'aya Louw Room 13
Danella Clair Room 32   Violet Reynolds Room 11
Mia Bentley Room 44      
Emily Hutchison Room 56   NX NETBALL YEAR 8 TEAM 11
Gabriella Wilkinson Room 20   Amelie Bignell Room 60
Jessica Tennant Room 45   April Todd Room 60
Samantha Coleman Room 35   Emma Geange Room 19
Sophie Mayne Room 20   Emma Webster Room 54
Tiahn Boylan Room 58   Holly Morris Room 11
NX NETBALL YEAR 7 TEAM 11   Katie Foakes Room 07
Annie Wang Room 12   Mackenzie Walton Room 30
Katie Huang Room 55   Makayla Coe Room 13
Lauren Copeland Room 51   Rosanna Zhao Room 17
Mackenzie Adolph-Williams Room 45   Rui-Yi Ong Room 22
Madi Blomfield Room 57   NX NETBALL YEAR 8 TEAM 12
Nevaeh Stone Room 57   Aaron McMillan Room 22
Olivia Hesling Room 16   Amelie Preece Room 33
Rachel Preston Room 20   Dyllan Davies Room 52
Tasman Smail Room 55   Gracie Humphreys Room 41
NX NETBALL YEAR 7 TEAM 12   Lauren Anderson Room 31
Andee'Grace Tilling Room 12   Lizzie Laird Room 42
Ashleigh Nelson Room 58   Miyu Okumura Room 59
Chane Mulder Room 50   Sophie Dallimore Room 60
Eva Harvey Room 20   Stella Taylor Room 30
Isabel Brennan Room 55   Tess Blake Room 47
Jaime Devine Room 50      
Lucy Li Room 32      
Olivia Peat Room 50      
Paige Atkins Room 15      
Kiara Baker Room 58      
Ashlee Trask Room 51      
Catherine Boy Room 56      
Christine Du Preez Room 51      
Gauri Ramesh Room 35      
Hemisha Patel Room 32      
Jasmine Lourdes Naude Room 48      
Kaitlyn Gill Room 56      
Lola Rayment Room 06      
Selina Chen Room 44      
Zahraa Alsakini Room 07      


**As always, we go through a very thorough selection process to finalise our teams and players will be placed in a team that we have determined best suits their ability and experience. While there will be some movement of players, both up and down teams, it is important to remember that this movement can be a result of the position your child plays, new players that didn’t play last year and individual development and growth over the summer months.  We understand that some students will have questions regarding the team they have been placed in – if your child does, please ask them to see Miss Hale. 

As per our Sports Selection Policy, no correspondence regarding team selection will be entered into. If you wish to view it, please refer to our school website. 



Welcome to the 2019 netball season.  Every player that plays at Netball North Harbour must be registered in the Netball North Harbour database, managed by Clubhub. If you have are having problems, see the hints below.


Please go to the following website:

Played in 2018? ... if you played at Netball North Harbour in 2018, you will be sent an email from the Center.  This email will ask to you to login and update your details from the previous season. You will be asked to select your School and/or Club you are playing for in 2019.  You will also be required to update some of your personal details.

Haven't received the email your email address may be incorrect in the system?  If you think this is the case you can login (on the Netball North Harbour site - Member Login) and update your email address and then select your school/club for the season and complete the registration process.

New Player?... if you have never played at Netball North Harbour, or you played more than 2 years ago, you will need to register as a New Player.  Click on the Register New Player button and then click on Register Player on the registration page.

Didn't play in 2018, but did in 2017, your details will still be in the system.  Please contact admin(at) where we can retrieve your details.

Can't remember your login or password to login, under the login box, there is a line I cannot remember my login or password  you can click on this and an email will be sent to you with your login and password.  However, if your email is incorrect you will not receive an email. Please contact your school and we can update your address in the system.

You must complete this process by this Thursday 28th March - in order to be officially placed in a team in the NH Competition.



Registration is now open for those students wanting to play Netball for Northcross in 2019. Before your child commits to this sport there is some very important information you need to know

Games and Venue

Games are played at Netball North Harbour, Onewa Rd on a Thursday afternoon with rounds starting at 4pm and played at 45 minute intervals, with the final game starting at 7pm. Grading games commence Thursday 2 May 2019, and Competition games will begin Thursday 30 May 2019. All information regarding games and times can be found at  once competition commences.  

Fees         Girls and Boys      $165.00                       

To register your child for Netball this year, you will need to go to the NX Online Shop (you can find the link on the Northcross Website). A $50 deposit will be required with registration. Once teams have been formed, the balance will be loaded onto your child’s account and will be required to be paid in full (via the NX Online Shop) by the end of Term 2. This deposit is non-refundable. Registrations close on Wednesday 13 February - 3pm.


All students who register, will be placed in a team, however in order to ensure your child has been placed in the team that is right for them, trials will take place. The trials will be held at Northcross during the school day, the players being released periodically from their classes when called. Although we appreciate the support from parents, due to the format of the trials it is advised that parents do not attend.

Trials will take place on Friday 15 February (Year 7’s) & Friday 22 February (Year 8’s) from 9am – 3pm; Friday 1 March will be used as a Callback day from 9am - 3pm.

Coaches, Managers and Umpires

Each team will need a coach and manager. If we cannot get enough coaches we will have to reduce the number of teams and unfortunately some children will miss out on playing. If you are interested in being a coach or manager for Netball, please indicate this on registration.

All Coaches and Managers are required to be police vetted by Northcross. If you are keen to take on one of these roles and have not yet been police vetted by our school, please email sport(at) and we will send you through the relevant forms to fill out.

Netball North Harbour will be holding Coaching Courses for those who wish to attend.  Please see their website for further details regarding this. 

If you have any questions or queries regarding Northcross Netball, please feel free to email sport(at)

Thank you for your support in netball. We look forward to another successful season for Northcross Intermediate School.

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