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For the first time Northcross Intermediate School will be offering students a chance to be part of a rock or pop band.  You don’t have to have any experience in a band you just need to be able to play an instrument.  Everyone from beginners to the very experienced are welcome to join.  Check out the link below for more information and to sign up if you are keen.

Rock Pop School

Bands will be limited to 5-6 people. 

Band school tuition groups will be a two term program with possible performance opportunities.  Students will have a chance to work on songwriting, working together as a group and getting a good introduction to playing in and being part of a rock or pop band.

All bands would have a one hour practise tuition and a 30 minute rock band lesson per week to teach specialist instrument and vocal parts.

Students are expected to come to lessons every week and will also need to practice at home.

The cost per term is $200.00 so going forward if you are interested please let us know your details, what you play and how long you have played.


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