Music, Tuition and Bands

Northcross Intermediate School has one of the most amazingly exciting music tuition programmes available.  


Registration is now open for those students wanting to learn an instrument through our Music Tuition Programme this year.

The Tuition Programme involves one lesson a week with one of our highly talented Music Tutors. Instruments that are available to be learnt are Flute, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, Saxophone, French Horn, Violin, Drums, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Voice Coaching and Bass. These music lessons take place during school time.

Please note - Keyboard and Piano Tuition is now FULL.

The cost of this Tuition Programme is $154 for Term One (this includes a one off Admin fee). Drum Tuition will be $178 for Term One.

There will be 8 lessons in Term 1. Year 8 Camp and Yr 7 High 5 has not been charged for.

In order to participate and get the most out of this Tuition Programme, your child must have their own instrument which is brought to school on their tuition day and is vital for home practice.  If you need to hire an instrument please contact ABI Music on 443 5666 to secure an instrument for the year.

To register your child for the Music Tuition Programme, you will need to go to the NX Online Shop (you can find the link on the Northcross Website). A deposit of $75 is required on registration, then the remainder of the fee will be loaded onto your child’s school account and will need to be paid in full by Wednesday 4th April (via the Online Shop). The deposit is non-refundable. Registrations close on Wednesday 12 February - 3pm.

All playing abilities are catered for in this Tuition Programme, from complete beginners to those with many years experience. Please indicate your child’s level of experience on registration.

If you should have any questions or queries regarding the Music Tuition Programme, please contact Lynne Potts lynnep(at)

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Wed February 26
Wed February 26
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Wed February 26
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Wed February 26
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