3 on 3 Touch


3 on 3 TOUCH 2023!


Greetings Y8 students and a big special welcome to our new Y7’s! 

3 on 3 Touch is back for 2023!

When: FRIDAY’s Term 1.

Start date: Friday 17th February. FINALS-TBC. 

ALL ENTRIES TO BE IN BY Wednesday 15th February! Draw will go out Thursday 16th February for the term.

Times: 3:15pm (R1), 3:40pm (R2), 4:05pm (R3), 4:30pm (R4), 4:55pm (R5) There may also be 5:20pm and 5:45pm rounds dependent on interest!

Where: NX Astroturf or NX Netball Courts.

What: The following are the grades on offer for 2023:

  • Y7 Boys

  • Y8 Boys

  • Y7/Y8 Girls. 

Please note: If Y7 boys want to enter the Y8 Grade, you are more than welcome to, if you want the challenge! If you have any Y8’s in your team, you are automatically in the Y8 Grade. (Boys grade only.) 

Team Numbers: Minimum of 4 per team. Maximum 6 per team.

Cost: $15 a Player


  1. Get your team together! Must have 4 players minimum and 6 maximum.

  2. Once you have your team sorted, go onto the Online Shop and register. Your whole team MUST know the exact spelling of your Team Name before you can register via the Online Shop. Please make sure each member of your team spells your team name the same or you may end up in a team of one and not registered!

  3. If you have 4 players paid then your Team will be registered!

  4. If a player from another team takes the court for your team, it is an automatic default. That is why I suggest you have the full 6 players registered. 

Rules and how to play will be put up on the Student Noticeboard and School Website before the end of the week. They are also on the Google Form you completed.

If you need anything clarified, please email or message Scott Washer: scottw(at)nxschool.kiwi



  • Must wear shoes. (Non-Negotiable!)

  • PE Uniform or Mufti is fine.  

  • Bibs are provided.

  • Games are 9 minutes each/with 1 minute for half time.

  1. MAJOR RULE CHANGE! To start the game, a restart after a try, or halftime start, and all turnovers play simply restarts with a player tapping the ball on the ground and then passing to another player.

  2. There is no roll ball in the game at all.

  3. At no stage can you tap and run with the ball. 

  4. Defenders to be 3m back.

  5. ABSOLUTELY No Diving! I am no doctor! Penalty. There is no ‘rolling out of the 5’ near the try line. 


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