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The NX 3 on 3 Touch Competition is now on hold until further notice. So NO GAMES this Friday.

Please regularly check here for the latest information regarding the Competition.



3 on 3 Touch 2020

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Click here for the PDF of the Draw if you would like to print it!



  • Games are 9 minutes each way with 1 minute for half time.
  • There is no roll ball in the game at all.
  • To start the game and after a try; Tap the ball on the ground and run or pass to team member.
  • You cannot tap and run except when: A. It is the start of the game. B. The Halftime start. C. A Penalty.
  • No Diving!
  • Must wear shoes.
  • PE uniform is fine. Bibs provided.

 Penalties: (Proper Touch Tap and Run)

  • Touch and Pass
  • Off the Mark
  • Forward Pass
  • No Touch
  • Offside
  • Incorrect Subbing
  • Obstruction
  • Diving
  • Misconduct
  • More than 3 on the Court
  • Excessive Force in effecting a Touch

Turnovers: (Tap on Ground and Pass)

  • Incorrect Tap
  • Dropped Ball to Ground
  • 6th Touch
  • Out of Court

Proper Touch Tap

Place ball on ground. Take hands off ball. Tap ball with foot (so it moves). Pick up and run.

Any questions, see Mr Washer in Rm 53.


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