Team 1 Girls  Team 2 Girls  Team 3 Girls 
Alicia Tuck Room 53 Charlotte Blanchfield Room 07 Amber Owen Room 33
Anna Larritt Room 06 Erin Roberts Room 16 Ariana Paver Room 16
Ariane Dawson Room 16 Indie Sharp Room 31 Chloe Xu-Gao Room 04
Janice Tsai Room 50 Keira Heaton Room 35 May Chen Room 50
Camryn Chapman-Smith Room 33 Lizzi Breytenbach Room 12 Nguva Hukuimwe Room 19
Kate Wessels Room 15 LUCY White Room 11 Olive Barrowcliffe Room 12
Maika Chalton Room 15 Milla Tuohy Room 42 Sophie Rowe Room 10
Makayla Graham Room 22 Morgan Williams Room 41 Taliya anderson Room 59
Mianke Koen Room 11 Ruby Fisher Room 06 Alana Grootscholten Room 35
Peyton Sass Room 08 Samantha Bunn Room 08 Ava Housley Room 47
Ruby Matulovic Room 11 Sophie Herde Room 55 Jessica Li Room 32
Tallyn Doubell Room 48 Tayla Mcneil Room 07 Lily Cowen Room 12
plus goalie   Tessa Loft Room 15 Maia Osman Room 45
        Renee Proulx  
        Samantha Bayer Room 06
Team 4 Girls  Team 5 Girls     
Bianca Drever Room 17 Amber Diprose Room 34    
Brooklyn Fourie Room 49 Caitlyn Brading Room 11    
Caitlin Irving Room 16 Chloe Martin Room 19    
Danika Strydom Room 56 Ciara Watson Room 51    
Ellie Jung   Desiree Turbak Room 56    
Erykah Fenton-Singh Room 52 Eva Zhang Room 51    
Eva Crossman Room 32 Lare Koen Room 58    
lilah hinton Room 40 Madison Smyth Room 13    
Madison Leech Room 46 Morgan Lusher Room 07    
Melika Rudez Room 58 Olivia Seo Room 46    
Scarlett Stobbart Room 51 Ruby Hawkes Room 05    
Zoe Wewege Room 06 Ruby Pemberton Room 17    
Adrianne Laird Room 19 Samantha Hewitt Room 55    
Ava Ellett Room 19 Skylah Irving Room 11  


Team 1 Boys  Team 2 Boys 
Bede Thorburn Room 53 Alex Sutherland Room 19
Christopher Hickey Room 54 Andrew Lucas Room 16
Cole Hampson-Tindale Room 20 Ben Hogefjord  
Connor Smith Room 54 Ben Marsland Room 41
Cooper Cruickshank Room 53 Driaan Swanepoel Room 59
George Bradshaw Room 20 Flynn EDMONDSON Room 45
Kohl Anderson Room 16 Jack McGowan Room 48
Theo Hoban Room 07 Jordan Haveman Room 46
Thomas Sentch Room 15 Seth Robson Room 45
William Davies Room 47 Zander Philip Olivier Room 57
Xander Savage Room 48 Staton Ranby Room 42
Raige DOUBELL Room 16 Aston Markwick Room 43
Machrie McLeod
  Joshua Gillespie Room 43
Team 3 Boys  Team 4 Boys 
Alex Tucker Room 51 Alex Smith Room 48
Callum Hill Room 46 Axel Mackie Room 35
Deon Van Vuuren Room 07 Christian Kruger Room 48
Destin Spinka Room 54 Enzo Li Room 31
Drew Farmer Room 58 George de Leeuw Room 47
Evan Blakeman Room 07 Kahu Campbell Room 44
Harry Borton Room 54 Luke Bamford Room 40
Kale Happy Room 52 Ryan Perris Room 52
Kevin Liu Room 17 Shaun Byard Room 41
Liam Transom Room 56 Tudor Iuoras Room 55
Max Gibson Room 17 Pedro Peixoto Room 59
Sean Buckett Room 32 Roy Yeyint Room 58
Thomas de Wet Room 47 Shaneel Dutt Room 13



NORTHCROSS  INTERMEDIATE HOCKEY 2021Team Huddle - Copy (1024x668).jpg

Registration will be open from Wednesday 16th December for those students wanting to play Hockey for Northcross in 2021. Before your child commits to this sport there is some very important information you need to know

Games and Venue  

Games are played at North Harbour Hockey Stadium, Rosedale. Team will play on different days, depending on the team they are placed in; Monday - Boys (Lower Grades), Tuesday - Boys & Girls (Higher Grades) & 6 aside, Saturday - Girls (Lower Grades). The competition runs through the duration of Terms 2 and 3.  All information regarding games and times can be found on the Harbour Hockey website ( once competition commences.

Fees         Girls and Boys      $200                       

To register your child for Hockey, you will need to go to the NX Online Shop (you can find the link on the Northcross Website). A $50 deposit will be required with registration. This deposit is non-refundable. Once teams have been formed, Once teams have been formed, the remainder of the balance will be split into two amounts and both will be required to be paid on the Online Shop. The dates for these payments are still to be confirmed.   Registrations close on Wednesday 17 February - 3pm. 

Coaches & Managers

If you have had previous experience with coaching/managing Hockey teams and would like to help out with a team this year, please contact me through my email katev(at) .

Thank you for your support in Hockey. We look forward to another successful season for Northcross Intermediate School.

NH Hockey Development Programmes

The perfect way to get your child ready for a season of school hockey after having the summer off. There is a focus on core hockey skills to give all children a strong foundation to build upon as they progress with their hockey playing experience. These are open to all new and experienced hockey players.

U9 Development Clinics

Dates:          Monday 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th March

Time:           4:00 pm – 4:45 pm

Who:            Year 3 & 4 children

Cost:            $40

U11 Development Clinics

Dates:          Monday 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th March

Time:           5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Who:            Year 5 & 6 children

Cost:            $70

U13 HEART World Series

Dates:          Monday 24th Feb, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th March

Time:           4:15 pm – 5:45 pm (slot 1)

                   5:45 pm – 7:15 pm (slot 2)

                   *your child will alternative between times slots each week

Who:            Year 7 & 8 children

Cost:            $155


Visit the NH Hockey Website for further information and links to registration. 


NX Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

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