AKSS Forest Series 2018
A new Forest Series is being added to the Auckland schools orienteering calendar this year. The Forest Series will  have events on Sundays 18 & 25 March and 6 May leading to the Auckland Secondary School Champs on 24 May.

The addition of the Forest Series to the Auckland schools orienteering competition will provide three forest orienteering events in the lead-up to Auckland Champs - a progression supporting skill development and increased competition at Auckland Champs.

There will be coaches available at two of the events (see below) for the first hour between 10am and 11am. We encourage all students new to the Forest to arrive at 10am to make the most of this coaching opportunity before they run their race from 11am. While you do not need to pre-enter, we would appreciate an indication of numbers to assist with planning.

Individual students can register using https://goo.gl/forms/ACHpUEyet7MMEAUh2

In summary, students who wish to progress onto Forest Orienteering and plan to
enter AKSS Championships should:

  • Choose at least two of the three Forest events offered (below)
  • Arrive at the event centre by 10:00am, pay entry fee (see details below) and request coaching (for 25 March and 6 May events)
  • Undertake the pre-race coaching with their allocated coach
  • Run race. If time permits a second, harder course could be attempted that same day.

Forest Series Events/Dates:
Sunday 18 March - Plantation Farm, Maramarua
Sunday 25 March - Lake Kereta, Parakai (coaching available)
Sunday 6 May - Temu Road, Woodhill (coaching available)

Detailed information about each event can be found on https://www.nwoc.org.nz/events/

Entry Fees for Forest Series for students who are not a member of an Orienteering Club
18 March Maramarua Event - $15 including SI hire

25 March and 6 May Events - If it is your first time in Forest – Free to run (but need to pay $3 SI hire)
After that, $15 per event (plus $3 SI hire)

Note – Annual student membership to most clubs is $20, and then member student entry rates to each event is $10 so it does not take long to pay back your membership! Talk to representatives at the events if you are interested in joining a club.
Students from North Shore and West Auckland nearest Club is: North West Orienteering Club http://www.nwoc.org.nz/
For full information, please click on this PDF

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Sprint Series Information

See below for general information regarding this competition:

The first event for the Orienteering School Sprint Series starts on Thursday 22rd February to be held at Albany Junior High. There will be 5 sprints in total. (Please see all event dates below)

Events will start around 4.15pm, rain, hail or shine, and the last competitors should finish about 5.30pm or just after. Course lengths will be approximately 1.7km for Y 7/8. Winning times are generally about 15 mins.

The winner of the series in each grade is based on the best 4 out of 5 events with points being given as a % against the winner’s time (1000 to the winner). The runners carry a type of transponder called an ecard which records their time at each control. Controls must be visited in the correct order. It’s not possible to cheat as the transponder knows the order of the course.

It’s a fun competition and it’s a format the students enjoy, fast yet challenging and over relatively quickly. This will be excellent preparation for the North Harbour event later in the term.

Students will need to organise their own transport to and from the events. Year 8’s please note the week you are at camp - you should be back in time to still compete.

Event Dates are as follows:                                            

Event 1 - 22nd Feb – Albany Junior High

Event 2 - 1stt March - Westlake Boys High School 

Event 3 - 8th March –Pinehurst

Event 4 – 15th  March – Long Bay College (Camp Week 1)

Event 5 – 22rd March –Kristin School  (Camp Week 2)

If you have any questions or queries, please contact  sport(at)northcross.school.nz

NX Upcoming Events

Thu August 16
Mahurangi College, Woodcocks Rd, Warkworth 0910, New Zealand
Thu August 16
7:30pm - 9:00pm
Fri August 17 - Sun August 19
Mon August 20
1:00pm - 2:30pm

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