This year we have been allocated three teams into the North Harbour Waterpolo/Millennium Competition.  


NH Waterpolo will be conducting the trials for the NX teams this year. Trials will be held on the following dates and times: Friday 24th Feb, Friday 3rd March, Friday 10th March and Friday 17th March - all at 3.30pm to 4.30pm - at Millennium.

To register for the Waterpolo trials please go to the NX Online Shop. There will be a one off, non-refundable cost of $40 to attend these trials. Registrations close Wednesday 22 February. 

**Please note: ALL TRIALISTS must be able to swim in a deep pool and confidently complete a 50m swim on both their front and back. Should the NH selectors feel a player is not strong enough schools will be notified. It is recommended that students attend all trials.


Once teams have been selected, they will commence training on Friday 25th March from 3.30 to 4.30pm at Millennium. This training time will continue for the rest of Term 1, with training's run by two of North Harbour Waterpolo Club Coaches. A round of Grading Games will take place before the end of term - the date and time will be confirmed closer to the time. 

There will be trainings in Term 2, 3 and 4 - the day and time of this training is still yet to be confirmed (in 2021 however it was on a Monday afternoon). Competition games in Terms 2, 3 and 4 will take place on a Friday afternoon/evening between 3.45pm - 9pm.

FEES: $40 (Term 1 - only if selected for the team); $135 (Terms 2,3 & 4 - $135 per term)                    

UNIFORM: If your child is successful in securing a spot in the Waterpolo team, it may be necessary that they wear the NX Waterpolo togs. Depending on whether we are able to attain stock, these will be available to order and pay for from our Resource Room. The cost for Girls togs is $115 and the Boys is $60. These are high quality togs specifically designed for Waterpolo. We will inform Parents if and when they become available.

If you have any questions regarding Waterpolo, please email sport(at)northcross.school.nz

Northcross A Team   Northcross B Team
Ashely Noda   Elsie Brown
Barry Elliot   Harriet Boynes
Bryce Larkan   Henry Roth
Claudio Cipoletta   Julia Dale
Hayley Wyatt   Leyang Wang
Luca Abraham   Liam Theck
Madelief Everiss   Liam Rooney
Max Bailey   Lucas Allatt
Max Meeske   Zach Sentch
Pierre Rousseau   Zephyr Teesdale
Raymond Zu    
Sienna Stuart    
Northcross C Team   Northcross D Team
Charlotte Resoli   Charlie Jiang
Lawrence Dou   Connor Kent
Lucas Liu   Freya Hamilton
Nick Burger   Jake Lister
Reina Li   Joel Eggleton
Scott Tucker   Sasha Movtchan
Skye Duncan   Sophie Vasar
Soyul In   Xingran Xiong
Stella McIntosh    
Warren van Staden    
Yigu Ye    

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