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byod.pngeLearning is a key component in all Northcross classrooms and our vision is that technologies will be integrated appropriately to support authentic, higher order and collaborative learning.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – students are able to bring a mobile device (must adhere to NX minimum specs—see below) to support their learning in the classroom. These will have access to the internet and the school online environment via the Northcross WiFi.

All students must read and sign the IT Acceptable Use Policy which also includes the BYOD Mobile Contract for those bringing mobile devices.  

2018 Student Responsible Use Agreement & BYOD POLICY2.pdf

For information on Specifications click here BYOD 2018 Info Sheet.pdf

Repairs and Maintenance for Student Devices

The school in conjunction with our IT support team would like to offer Repair and Maintenance services.
It is also important that student devices do have current antivirus software so we have also included a recommended software package and prices. Details are outlined in the following PDF; NX Repair Costings and Antivirus Prices

Parent Portal Information

Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety The Desire to communicate.pdf

Keeping Children Safe online.pdf


Noel Leeming Albany store will be holding a Friends and family week Monday May 7th to Sunday May 13th. This is an annual event where Noel Leeming offers  parents and caregivers of Northcross students special deals and discounted prices. 

NX Noel Leeming Family Deals.pdf

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